10 Tips for Solo Attendees at SaaStr Annual

Ok we are ALMOST there!  Kick off to Annual is SO close!

I don’t know about you, but I do get a bit anxious attending larger events solo.  To me, they are like going out to a formal restaurant.  I don’t mind going to Chipotle solo, but French Laundry?  Not sure I’d know exactly how to handle myself.  But you shouldn’t feel that way at Annual. 47% of folks are attending Solo and it is an A+++ way to meet new SaaStr friends, colleagues, investors, and more.

So here are 10 tips for Solo attendees at Annual:

Tip #1:  Use the Brella Meet-a-Friend SaaStr app ASAP.  Go to our mobile app and click on Meet-a-Friend, and it will direct you to our Brella app where over 1000+ folks are already looking to network and meet new friends and colleagues.  Upload your profile, tell everyone your interests (e.g., meeting other fintech marketers, or getting funded), and it will automatically make matches for you!  You can then decide if you want to meet with folks that reach out to you or not, and vice-versa.  We’ve then carved out a big chunk of the new 100+ table and 400+ desks on-site CoWorking Space for meet-ups.

Tip #2:  Use our Braindates to sign up for incredible mentoring sessions.   Also in the mobile app there is a big, prominent link at the bottom for Braindates.  These are 300+ incredible mentoring sessions from all sorts of industry leaders, from Sandy Carter, VP at Amazon Web Services, to the CRO of Pipedrive, to 100s more.  These Braindates are set up for either 1:1 sessions or 1:4 sessions.  Just pick some that are of interest to you, then at the scheduled time, go to the Twilio Mentoring Lounge right dead center in the Sponsors We Love Expo.  These mentoring sessions are terrific.

Top #3:  Attend the smaller sessions next to SaaStr Square Park.  We have many incredibly interesting, smaller capacity sessions (100-200) right off SaaStr Square Park on the ground level.  Find some that are of interest and stay after, and meet new folks.  These sessions are inherently more social than the larger ones upstairs.

Tip #4:  Attend the Tuesday parties.  They are more chill this year.  And go to rockclimbing!  And make sure you attend the Night at The Museum on Wednesday!  We’ve made the parties better organized and more chill this year to better facilitate networking — especially for solo visitors.  First, every single day starting around 4pm we’ll have our classic cocktail parties in the Expo, right next to the Forest Art Car.  Find your way there when you’re done for the day and need a break.  Then on Tuesday, head over to SaaStr Nights after the cocktail hour at 5:30 or later.  We’ve shut down 3+ blocks of the Arts District for chill networking, snacks and apps with incredible parties hosted by Pendo, Gainsight, Zoom, Lighter Capital, Mixmax, Chargbee and more.  We’ll also have a super chill rockclimbing right in the center of SaaStr Nights.  No climbing experience necessary!  It’s a great, low key way to also meet new folks.  Then on Wednesday, definitely come to Night at the Tech Museum.  This is designed to be low-key around meeting new people.  We’ll have a wine bar and a quiet jazz band, and you can stroll around the exhibits and make new connections.  Museums are designed for solo visits!

Tip #5:  Play SaaStrMoments.com.  This is a fun contest we have at SaaStrMoments.com involving everything from selfies to activations.  The more you do, the more prizes you are eligible for.  A fun distraction.

Tip #6:  Go to the Plato Sessions on Wednesday for Product and Engineering Mentorship.  These are larger roundtables with top executives from top tech leaders from Box, Adobe, Zoom, VMWare, Coursera, Paypal, Zendesk, Proofpoint, Segment, Quizlet, Tile and more and are highly rated.  You automatically meet new great folks here.

Tip #7:  The Women’s Lunch on Tuesday, and the Inclusion Awards on Tuesday afternoon, and the semi-offical Women+ Happy Hour on Wednesday night, are all designed for networking.  They’re designed to faciliate meeting new folks on the very first day.  You can sign up for the Tuesday events in the mobile app, and the Wed party here.

Tip #8:  Go to the VC Day Sessions on Thursday.  Even if you aren’t fundraising.  These packed, smaller room sessions are inherently engaging.  Even if you aren’t fundraising and never will be, find some topics that are of interest.

Tip #9:  Put on your charms.  And look for others’ charms.  They are a perfect conversation starter.  When you check in, there will be buttons / charms for your revenue stage and job/functional area.  Attach them to your lanyards.  They are a perfect conversation starter.  And you’ll also be able to visually identify other peers at the same stage and with the same job function.

Top #10:  Stay for the Last Call Party on Thursday.  This was one of the very best parts of Annual last year.  We stayed until they kicked us out!  We’ll have a progressive party that will start in SaaStr Square Park on the ground floor and then progress up to the Forest Art Car in the Expo.  The Last Call party ended up being a time where folks that were most engaged had some of the best conversations of the whole event.  It is worth staying for.

And Bonus Tips:  Where to Just .. Relax and Take a Break.  In the CoWorking Space upstairs, we’ll have the SaaStr Old Time Movie Theatre with redvines and popcorn.  A great spot for solo visitors to take a break.  We’ll also have 400+ dedicated desks with power there.  And SaaStr Square Park on the ground floor will have tons of fun for solo visitors, from selfies in the Game of Thrones chair to Open Q+As with the CEOs of Zoom and Zendesk and many others.  And the Expo itself upstairs will have tons of fun activations all throughout.  These three “third spaces” are full of places both to relax — and engage — as a solo visitor.


We are so excited to have you!

Published on February 3, 2019

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