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Growth Slowed Down About 33% On Average For Everyone in Q1

So two recent data analyses across both private and public SaaS companies interestingly showed basically the same thing: for the best SaaS companies, on average, growth in Q1 was down about 33% or so from a year ago. The time periods are different, but they also are sourcing the data at slightly different times. ChartMogul’s…
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CRO Confidential: Principles that drove Wiz’s $0 to $100M Journey with Wiz CRO Colin Jones (Pod 665 + Video)

In 2020-2021, many SaaS startups faced a unique challenge. With teams spread across the globe, they had to find new working patterns to scale their businesses in a distributed environment. Wiz, one of the fastest-growing SaaS companies focused on security solutions, was one of them. The company helps enterprises internationally with contextual and actionable insights…
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What You Need to Change at $10M to Scale to $100M with Sameer Dholakia, Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners (Pod 664 + Video)

Building a company for $0-$1M in revenue differs wildly from $1-10M ARR. And scaling from $10M to $100M is wildly different still. Sameer Dholakia, Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners with decades of operational experience, shares what you need to change as you scale from $10M to $100M ARR. The short answer is almost everything. Keep…
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43% of You Are Still Hiring. Just Not All That Much.

So one of the latest SaaStr surveys confirms what I’m seeing, and we’re seeing across many public SaaS companies. Hiring has way slowed down, but many folks are still hiring, albeit at a reduced rate. 56% of you aren’t hiring, or barely hiring. And very few of you are doubling headcount, vs everyone in 2021. …
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