Are super-corn rounds dead?  Well, yes, mostly for now.  But not entirely!  Dataiku passes $200m in ARR and raises $200m at a $3.7B valuation at the end of 2022!

A leader in enterprise AI, let’s take a look at 2 amazing sessions with the CEO and VP of Dataiku:

#1. “The Toughest Roadblocks When Breaking Through to $15M ARR with Dataiku, Talkdesk and Tasty“.  A look back at the earlier days of breaking through with the CEO of Dataiku and the CEO and Co-founders of $10B Talkdesk and Tasty.

#2. “Product & Customer Success lessons for Companies of Any Size with Dataiku CCO + Lead of CS”. Dataiku’s CCO joined us for a deep dive on how to really pair product + customer success.  When they work together, customers are happier and more problems are solved.

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