Q: Do you think that most part of people who have partying a lot are good at sales roles?

No, of course not. Partying does not make you good at sales. And be very careful not to let a bro culture take hold at your SaaS startup.

But … just one thing … a bit of a “secret”. The very best salespeople in SaaS, especially in inside sales, once they are scaled up … often don’t work that many hours.

  • They get very, very good at their job:
  • They know all the objections.
  • They know how to create and drive urgency.
  • They know the competition cold.
  • They know a hot lead vs. a warm lead vs. a low probability lead.
  • They know how similar customer customers use your product successfully. They can quickly figure out how to add value, within minutes of the first call.
  • They are very, very good at it.

So the very best sales reps often can do in 20 hours a week what it might take a mediocre rep 80 hours. Or even, they can do in 20 hours a week more than most reps could ever do no matter how many hours they put in.

So if your very top reps quietly don’t seem to be working “as hard” as you’d like, maybe, let it go. Sales is hard. The few folks on your team that are truly great at it, it makes sense that once they are scaled, maybe they don’t have to put it in as many hours to blow out the quota.

Let them have a few celebrations. It may even inspire the rest of the team.

A bit more here: 7 Things The Best Sales Reps Get Right | SaaStr

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