What is your review of Tesla Model 3?

Just traded in our early 2012 Model P85 Model S for a Model 3.

In every single way, the Model 3 is much, much better:

  • More comfortable. The Model 3’s higher ride height, better front leg room, and better seats (vs. an early Model S at least) are much better.
  • Plenty fast. The P85 was very fast, but the Model 3 Long Range is just as fast in the real world. There is zero need to pay for more performance than this. It’s already light speed fast in the real world.
  • Much better in the city: Same inside size as Model S, much better outside size. The frunk is smaller, but the interior is just as large, and the Model 3 is much narrower and shorter than the Model S. This makes is 10x easier to use in the city.
  • So far, hatch rattles not there with a rear trunk. Rattles may come soon, but a hatchback always has some rattles and noise transfer. A trunk is better (if less space efficient).
  • Kids don’t get car sick. Lots of kids get car sick in the back of the Model S. Not in the Model 3.

So far, the top negative is the all-glass sunroof. It lets in too much light, so much so it enters your sightlines sometimes. The ride is also a bit firmer than the Model S, perhaps the air suspension coming soon will bring them to parity.

It’s hard to see why one would spend the extra money for a Model S. The extra performance is meaningless in the real world, the range is longer, the interior isn’t really bigger.

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Published on May 13, 2018

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