We learned a lot from having the only major tech event in 2021 at SaaStr Annual.

That it was possible to have a large-scale event that was 100% tested, vax’d, and primarily open air and outdoors.

We’re continuing that in 2022, even as others aren’t.

The rules in 2022 will be a bit different at SaaStr Europa on June 7-8 in Barcelona and SaaStr Annual on Sept 13-15 in the SF Bay Area due to local regulations, but the general requirements will be the same:

* Everyone Vax’d and boosted.  Everyone attending must show proof of having been vaccinated and boosted.

* Everyone Tested prior to event.  Everyone must either provide evidence of a negative Covid test taken with 48 hours of the event, or can be rapid tested on site.  We’ll continue to provide on-test rapid testing in both Barcelona and the SF Bay Area.  Note it will take you 20-30 minutes longer to get in if you test on-site.

* Primarly outdoors and open-air.  We’ll continue to maintain an environment that is primarily festival style and open air.  SaaStr Annual 2022 will again be on the 40 acre outdoor San Mateo County Fairgrounds, and SaaStr Europa 2022 will have the balance of its activities outside or outside adjacent in open-air spaces.  If you want to stay 100% outdoors and experience both events, you will be able to.

* Temperature scanning — and in general, Don’t Come Sick.  We’ll do temperature checks of every attendee again and no one with a fever may attend.  As importantly, we’re implementing a simple rule — Don’t Come Sick.  If you have a cold, a fever, a deep cough, just don’t come this year.  We’ll roll your ticket over into next year at no cost.

And most importantly — there will be no exceptions.  If you unable to be vaccinated, we understand.  But you cannot attend our events.  If you don’t wish to be tested, that’s OK.  But you just cannot attend our events.

We understand almost no one else doing events at scale is maintaining these standards anymore.  But we also know it’s what it takes to make everyone comfortable, so we’re sticking with them for 2022.

To those that are not comfortable with the above criteria, much of our content will be streamed and will be on YouTube.

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