SaaStr Annual — Sponsor Now to Get One of “First 50” VIP Booth Slots! (75% SOLD OUT)'

Jason Lemkin

While it may sound early, we’re deep in the throes of planning for the 2018 SaaStr Annual.  We’re running about 2x the pace of the ’17 Annual in terms of Early Bird ticket sales, with over 1,100 teams already coming.  We expect to approach 20,000 in terms of registrations with over 10,000 on-site at any given time.


To accommodate that, we’re making a bunch of changes.  We’ll add more stages, more time between sessions, and make folks register for sessions so everyone gets into the sessions they want to.

And to make more space for sponsors and for meeting-up, we’re going to build a huge sponsor-and-hangout expo in front of the Bill Graham as you can see above.

We’ll have room for about the first 50 Gold sponsors in there, and the first 4 Premium sponsors.  These slots are 75% SOLD OUT now.  We’ll also have enough tables for 500-1,000 folks to hang out between sessions in there.

It’s an experiment, but they should have exceptionally high traffic because food, registration, hanging-out, and coming-and-going will all flow right through this sponsor pavilion.

But only half the sponsors will fit.

Want to be there?  Sign up now!

More info here.

Published on May 13, 2017
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