The SaaStr Superhero Awards: Honoring the Next Generation of Women Leaders in Tech

It’s no secret that women who work in technology often turn out to be statistical underdogs. Even though women make up more than half of the total US workforce, they fill less than 20% of the country’s tech jobs. And these statistics look even worse from a leadership perspective—only 5% of startups are run by female founders, and as of a few years ago, women held just 11% of the executive positions in Silicon Valley.

Suffice it to say, there’s a LOT of room for improvement and a clear need to bring to the surface and recognize the incredible contributions of the fearless women in technology who are leading their fields.

Introducing the 2019 SaaStr Superhero Awards to honor up-and-coming women leaders in the tech world who are putting themselves out there, making an impact, and paving the way for all other aspiring young ladies who need more women industry leaders to look up to.

So, what exactly are the “Superhero Awards”?

What makes the SaaStr Superhero Awards unique is that this award focuses on women who are just starting to make waves in their careers. Unlike most women in tech awards that honor industry veterans, the Superhero Awards focus on recognizing women with eight years of industry experience or less. We are looking for the next generation of leaders!

The Superhero Awards are open to a variety of roles and functions—from founders and product managers, to marketers and sales leaders, we are looking for talent across the organization.

Who can I nominate?

We’ve opened the awards to cover six different functional categories:

  1. The Founder Award: All your fave fearless female SaaS startup founders.
  2. The Marketing Award: The growth gurus, events experts, creative geniuses, and other future CMOs.
  3. The Sales Award: They’re strategically closing deals, cementing relationships, and bringing in that #cashmoney.
  4. The Product Award: The ladies that have that innovative product vision to propel the business through the next stage, and beyond.
  5. The Engineering Award: Really, though—where would we even be without these technical builders and de-buggers?
  6. The Customer Success Award: Beyond implementations, upsells, and renewals, they’re turning one-time customers into career-long advocates.

You can submit nominations for your peers or yourself (or both!)—just be sure every woman you nominate works at a B2B SaaS company, and has no more than ten years of professional experience. Also, just for submitting your nomination we are giving nominees and nominators a free ticket to 2019 SaaStr Annual (limit one ticket per person).

How does it all work?

For every nominee, you’ll need to answer a series of submissions questions, and we encourage you to get creative with your answers. You have the option to submit via essay, Q&A, or video format—just so long as you have some fun with it, the choice is yours! And because there’s no cost to nominate, you can put forth as many submissions as you wish.

And then what?

Winners will be announced for each category at a private VIP Gala event during SaaStr Annual 2019, and where they will receive in-person recognition, the opportunity to considered as a speaker or panelist at SaaStr Annual 2020, a profile on, and a cash prize of $1,000.

Ready to celebrate all those up-and-coming female superstars you admire in the tech industry? Be sure to visit our SaaStar Superhero Awards page for the complete list of rules and requirements, and then let’s get nominating.

Published on May 10, 2018

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