It’s time for our annual round-up of your favorite SaaStr content! Today, we’re giving you #25-#13 of our top podcast episodes of 2022! Keep an eye out for the second half of the list on Thursday!

25. SaaStr 539: The Journey to Building a Successful Customer Advisory Board in the Enterprise with Mapistry VP of Customer Experience Maya Colato

24. SaaStr 536: The Path to a Billion Dollars: How to Create Multi-Revenue Streams with CRO Tom Clayton

23. SaaStr 540: 15 Ways to Help the Sales Team with SaaStr CEO and Founder Jason Lemkin

22.  SaaStr 514: Reaccelerating Growth at Scale with Box CRO Mark Wayland and SaaStr CEO and Founder, Jason Lemkin

21.  SaaStr 519: From B2C to Billions: How Vimeo executed a B2B Pivot that Redefined Their Future with Vimeo CEO Anjali Sud

20.  SaaStr 535: From SendGrid to DigitalOcean: Hacks for Founders of High-Growth Startups with DigitalOcean CEO Yancey Spruill

19.  SaaStr 528: Building a $5.6B company with a Product-led Flywheel with Abhinav Asthana, CEO @ Postman

18.  SaaStr 526: Lessons Learned Building a $2 billion Company from Scratch with Neo4j CEO & Co-Founder Emil Eifrem

17. SaaStr 532: The Secrets to Scaling a Public Company with a 75% Freelancer Workforce with Upwork CEO Hayden Brown

16.  SaaStr 531: 4 Ways to Get to $10 Billion by Working Async (Without Burning Out) with Loom CEO Joe Thomas

15.  SaaStr 534: Marketing Secrets to Hypergrowth from Building Elastic, Zuora, and Segment with Segment VP Marketing and Demand Gen Katrina Wong, Anyscale Head of Marketing Asawari Samant, and Snyk CMO Jeffrey Yoshimura

14.  SaaStr 541: How to Set and Hit Revenue Targets with Sam Blond, CRO at BREX

13.  SaaStr 516: Lessons Learned in Scaling with Canva’s CMO Zach Kitschke and SaaStr CEO and Founder, Jason Lemkin

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