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Uncharted Podcast: Lucid CEO Karl Sun on Winning Over the Skeptics

SaaStr’s Poya Osgouei does a terrific short-form podcast speaking with many SaaS leaders that’s a great complement to our deeper dives on the SaaStr podcast. In his latest episode, he does a keep dive with Lucid’s founder and CEO on scaling from the early days, and overcoming the skeptics. It’s a great, succinct convo. Listen…
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Go On Any Podcast With Reach

During these Shelter+ times SaaStr is focusing more on our digital events and assets … out of necessity. Our IRL events are in a holding patten, for obvious reasons. During this time I’ve re-learned a lot of things. Perhaps the #1 thing is people don’t get podcasts. Podcasts are your #1 ticket. #1 in speaking. …
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SaaStr Podcast 254 with HubSpot Founder & CEO Brian Halligan — August 2, 2019

        Ep. 254: The age-old sales funnel has worked fine for decades…until now. Flaws are being exposed, and a new model is imminent. Why is the sales funnel alone no longer an appropriate way thinking about customers? What will emerge to supplement or replace it? HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan and NEA’s Hilarie…
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