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Has Jason M. Lemkin changed his opinion of what a great vp of sales is after the fall out at Zenefits?

No. Zenefits went from $0.Xm to $60m in 24 months. That’s pretty solid. It’s better than 99.9999% of us did. The meta “sales” lesson is probably more about spending to create revenue vs. spending to support revenue. Zenefits clearly spent ahead to create revenue once it raised $100s of millions of capital … it drove…
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Given the recent wave of valuation changes (Zenefits at $2B, etc), is Domo worth $2B?

It certainly seems so. Domo reported “$100m in bookings” for 2015 and “100% revenue growth rate”: Domo takes on Slack with $131 million at $2 billion+ valuatio, and a $120m run rate at Q1′17: Domo Climbs Enterprise Ladder in Cloud Business Intelligence Fast-forward to Q1′18, that would put Domo at ~$160m-$200m ARR run rate by…
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What does Jason Lemkin think of Zenefits? Is there an effective way to manage such a hyper growth startup?

I think the learning and meta-answer to your question is: The Faster You Grow, The More Stuff Breaks. The faster a start-up grows, the shorter the half-life of the playbook. The shorter the “stretchability” of any given VP or executive skills may last. The more broken things in fact may be, because that hyper-growth creates…
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B2B SaaS Blog - Zenefits: How We Hyperscaled Inside Sales Hiring, Marketing, Sales, Videos

Zenefits: How We Hyperscaled Inside Sales

In a candid interview at SaaStr Annual 2015, Parker Conrad, CEO of Zenefits, and VP of Sales Sam Blond share their journey that started with a simple “What if…?” and how that led to an audacious goal: deciding mid-year to double their sales plan from $10M to $20M. They reveal the growth challenges of hyperscaling from 1 to 100…
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B2B SaaS Blog - How to Grow 25% Faster Than Plan in '15: The Salesforce Live Video with SaaStr SaaStr News, Videos

How to Grow 25% Faster Than Plan in ’15: The Salesforce Live Video with SaaStr, Aaron Ross and Parker Conrad, CEO of Zenefits

The other day Aaron Ross (my co-author of the next volume of Predictable Revenue), Parker Conrad (CEO of Zenefits) and I had a ton of fun talking about Doing Even Better in ’15 on Salesforce Live. It’s very well produced and was a fun session. You can check it out here or by clicking below if you…
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B2B SaaS Blog - Ok Uncategorized

Ok, It’s A Go. The SaaStr Annual. Feb 5. With the CEOs of Box, MobileIron, GuideSpark, OpenDNS, Zenefits, Talkdesk, and More. Does It Get Any Better?

Ok we’re confirmed. Locked and loaded. February 5. 2015. The Regency Ballroom. San Francisco. California. The First SaaStr Annual. It’s all day (and night). 9am – 11pm. And if you’re flying in, a special event the evening before. No panels. No endless slide shows. Instead, hands-on sessions that teach you how to do it. How…
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CRO Confidential: Gong’s SVP of Sales Jameson Yung on Creating a Category. Hosted by Founders Fund Partner Sam Blond and SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin (Pod 614 + Video)

Creating an entirely new category in the B2B tech market is its own ball game. Business leaders don’t have the advantage of building on the knowledge people already have about a product, and they’re not coming in with an alternative to something already in existence. So how do founders and entrepreneurs succeed in a down…
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Thanks to our sponsors! Mixmax, Zuora, Looker and more.

Want to know more about some of the companies that helped fuel SaaStr Annual this year? Take a look at some of our sponsors. Here’s a little peek at what they’re all about… MixMax Mixmax is an email tool that integrates with Google’s Gmail co-created by the creator of Gmail for mobile. The company aims…
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B2B SaaS Blog - Themes in SaaS in '16 Early, Growth

Themes in SaaS in '16

I have no great predictions to offer in SaaS in ’16, no profound insights, no epic thoughts on how BlockChain, VR and Uber-for-the-Enterprise will change the world. But … I do see a lot of stuff, and a lot of start-ups, and am at least in a position to reflect on some more tactical and…
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