SEO is SaaStr’s #1 Source of Viewers. For 10 Straight Years.

So we’re coming up on Year 10 for SaaStr!  So, so much has changed since our first post on August 13, 2012.

Except for one thing: SEO.

Every single year I look at data, Organic Search is #1:

Interestingly, even in 2012.  Even our first year.  Absolutely traffic was low, but SEO quickly worked for us, on a few iconic VP of Sales posts.  So it doesn’t have to take forever.

So much has changed since then:

And yet … and yet …

It’s SEO that moves the needle.  Year 1.  Or 10.  36%-38% of our users, readers, and traffic.  Year over year:

Go authentic, go long, write regularly about things that truly matter to your community, your prospects, and customers.  I bet you see the same.

HubSpot does, too.

Published on March 17, 2022

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