So we’re coming up on Year 10 for SaaStr!  So, so much has changed since our first post on August 13, 2012.

Except for one thing: SEO.

Every single year I look at data, Organic Search is #1:

Interestingly, even in 2012.  Even our first year.  Absolutely traffic was low, but SEO quickly worked for us, on a few iconic VP of Sales posts.  So it doesn’t have to take forever.

So much has changed since then:

And yet … and yet …

It’s SEO that moves the needle.  Year 1.  Or 10.  36%-38% of our users, readers, and traffic.  Year over year:

Go authentic, go long, write regularly about things that truly matter to your community, your prospects, and customers.  I bet you see the same.

HubSpot does, too.

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