Each week, we round up our most popular content so you can catch up on anything you may have missed. Check out this week’s top blog posts, podcasts, and videos:

Top Blog Posts This Week:

Top Podcasts This Week:

1. SaaStr 660: CRO Confidential: 3 Secrets For Early-Stage Startups To Acquire Customers With CoSell.io Co-Founder & Co-CEO Brendon Cassidy

2. SaaStr 661: VC AMA with SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin and Black Mangroves MD Arnaud Bonzom at SaaStr APAC 2023

3. SaaStr 659: The 9 Types Of CEOs VCs Struggle To Work With — With Founder and CEO of SaaStr, Jason Lemkin

4. SaaStr 658: SaaStr CRO Confidential: Omni Founder Colin Zima on the Power of Leveraging Your Network for Sales and Recruiting

5. SaaStr 657: Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta Shares His Top 10 Mistakes in 10 Years of Running Gainsight: Part 2

Top Videos This Week:

1. CRO Confidential: 3 Secrets For Early-Stage Startups To Acquire Customers  with CoSell.io’s Co-Founder Brendon Cassidy

2. SaaStr CRO Confidential: Howard Lerman, Founder & CEO @ Roam on Founder-led Sales

3. Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta: My Top 10 Mistakes In 10 Years (LIVE SaaStr Workshop Wednesday)

4. 7 Things All Founders Should Know About Sales with Dave Kellogg: SaaStr Workshop Wednesday LIVE

5. Jack Altman, CEO of Lattice: Things You Think as A First-Time Founder That Just Ain’t So: SaaStr Workshop Wednesday LIVE

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