With a price tag of $499, how does Microsoft think its Surface would compete against iPad?

After 6 weeks, I’ve given up on my Surface 3.

I love, love, love the hardware.  It’s the best tablet + keyboard thing on the market.  It’s beautiful.  It’s even cool.  Much better than iPad + crappy bluetooth keyboard, and I love having touch and “closer” form factor vs. Macbook.  And can charge via mini-USB.  Woo-hoo!  Perfect hardware for me.

But … there are NO native / modern apps.  I can’t run Slack in modern mode.  I can’t run Gmail or Google Calendar in modern mode.  The browser is OK but I really want to run Chrome in modern mode.  The modern Skype app hangs so I have to use the “windows version. 

So I gave up.  I know I can run them in “Windows” mode, but then I’m stuck in craptastic Windows land from 2005.

So I think it’s hopeless.  I’m better off with an iPad + iMac than the best hardware combo on the planet.  Unfortunately.

The lack of modern apps is the death of the idea that Windows, even on a tablet (not phone), can compete.  At least for me.

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Published on August 14, 2015

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