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We’re 15 days away from SaaStr Annual 2022, and we are excited to feature hundreds of speakers, sharing their knowledge and experience with you!

Take a look at just some of the most popular sessions (so far!):

  1. Founder Confidential with HubSpot’s Founders and SaaStr’s CEO: Tune into Founder Confidential with SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin and HubSpot Founders Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan to hear their key learnings and considerations of what it takes to be a Founder in today’s SaaS landscape.
  2. 5 Critical and Company-Altering Learnings from B2B Startups with Y Combinator: Anu Hariharan, Managing Director at Y Combinator, will share key learnings from top B2B startups and how these pivotal lessons help founders build in any sector.
  3. VC State of the Market with SaaStr’s CEO and Cowboy Ventures: Hear from SaaS VC legend, Aileen Lee, and SaaStr’s CEO Jason Lemkin on the current state of VC and what you need to know for 2023 and beyond.
  4. 10 Lessons Learned Scaling to $1B Valuation with Drift’s Co-founders: Reaching unicorn status is nice validation, but the luster fades when founders can’t navigate the hidden challenges that come with uncharted territory. David Cancel and Elias Torres, co-founders of Drift, share their insight on steering a company to a $1B valuation with both the tenacity to problem-solve and a fearlessness to fail. They’ll take you through their own personal experiences, from creating a scalable product strategy to building an enduring company that puts people and purpose before profit. Find out how the steps they took not only helped nurture a company’s success, but also allowed its leaders to retain a growth mindset long after they hit the $1B milestone.
  5. Growth Day Q&A:  Join Alogolia’s CEO Bernadette Nixon and CRO Michelle Adams, Zendesk’s SVP Global Marketing Prelini Udayan-Chiech, and SaaStr’s GM and SVP Amelia Ibarra for an engaging conversation on all things Growth to wrap up Day 1 content.
  6. Scaling Revenue in 2022: What’s the Same and What’s Different? with Confluent’s President: Amidst the volatility of today’s economic climate and market, GTM leaders need to be especially savvy when it comes to their company growth strategies and earning their customers’ love. A renowned enterprise software leader that has led revenue organizations and spearheaded the cloud GTM strategies at companies such as Oracle, New Relic, and now Confluent, Erica Schultz is Confluent’s President of Field Operations and will share what she has seen evolve in enterprise GTM and tips on how to thrive in the current environment. From PLG and consumption-based pricing, to value-based selling and driving efficient growth, Erica will share veteran insights that will help you develop your own successful GTM strategy.
  7. Revenue Alignment: How to Pull Marketing, Sales, Customer Success Together with Divvy’s CRO: The time spent mediating disputes between your Revenue functions is a growth killer. Understanding how to measure, compensate, and create one unified Revenue team is the key to hypergrowth. Join Divvy CRO Sterling Snow for this enlightening session.
  8. $1M to $100M in 20 Months, The Hard Part: How Everything Breaks in Hypergrowth with Deel’s Co-Founder & CRO: Moving fast is a competitive advantage for early-stage companies looking to provide value to clients. How can you balance this speed with scalable processes so that your team & clients are well-served? Shuo Wang, Co-Founder at Deel, will explore this balancing act with first-hand accounts of where Deel found success, and failure, while growing revenue from $4-54M in 2021, following 20x growth in 2020.
  9. Your Real Valuation: How Focusing on Delivering Customer Value Generates Business Value with Gusto’s CEO and Co-Founder: The foremost topic on every founder’s mind right now: how to weather the ups-and-downs of an unpredictable economy. Gusto, has swerved with every economic curve since its founding 10 years ago. But throughout it all, Gusto has defined valuation differently—in terms of the value it provides to customers vs the value it extracts. In this talk, Gusto CEO and founder Josh Reeves can speak to how Gusto has weathered the ups-and-downs of the economy—and why aligned success models (what’s good for the customer = what’s good for society = what’s good for your business) are so important, especially now. Josh can share the specific business decisions Gusto has had to make with this approach, particularly over the past few years and today.
  10. The Power of Content: Lessons from Uber, Gainsight, and Monte Carlo on Driving Growth through Storytelling: It’s no secret: in our digital world, content marketing is critical to the success of any business. Still, it’s simply not enough for companies to put out a few blog articles and hope for the best; executives need to go a step further and really lean into the aspirations, dreams, and fears of their audience. In other words, companies need to sell a vision – not a product. In this presentation, Barr Moses, CEO and co-founder of Monte Carlo, the creator of the data observability category, and Molly Vorwerck, Head of Content and Communications for Monte Carlo, will discuss how to take your content and brand marketing strategies to the next level through five tried and tested tactics that have scaled revenue, hiring, and market growth for three landmark companies: Uber, Gainsight, and Monte Carlo.
  11. How to Scale a Platform and Ecosystem to $10B with Atlassian’s CRO: Building a flexible platform for your products and a strategic ecosystem around them is the key to fueling sustained growth. But when you’re in the throes of putting it together, it’s challenging to track the countless workstreams, investments, and partnerships involved – not to mention bringing all these pieces into alignment. Join Atlassian’s Chief Revenue Officer, Cameron Deatsch, to learn how to invest in an ecosystem, how to optimize your platform for innovation, and why long-term thinking is crucial to becoming a $10 billion company.
  12. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Scaling from 2 to 200 Employees and 0 to 75,000 Customers with Storyblok: Hiring 200 people and acquiring 75,000 customers in 130+ countries: What could possibly go wrong, right? In this talk, Lydia Kothmeier – VP of Operations – and Thomas Peham– VP of Marketing – will share their Upsies and Wowsies of hiring and onboarding an international team and building a global SaaS business – all the way from self-service to enterprise.
  13. Scaling a Product-Led Growth Model with 1Password, Apollo.io, Sentry, and Lightspeed: Many companies want to know how you operate a PLG business at scale. How should marketing, sales, and product all work together? What is the role of a growth team? What does best-in-class growth look like at each stage, and how do you orchestrate it at scale? Join Lightspeed Partner Anoushka Vaswani, 1Password CMO Raj Sarkar, Apollo.io SVP Kim Walsh, and Sentry CRO Chris De Vylder.
  14. Don’t Sell SaaS Like It’s 2012 with Reprise and Glasswing Ventures: Your SaaS-savvy customer will not fit into your rigid, outdated sales process. It is time to adopt a future-proof sales model that meets how today’s customers want to buy. So how do modern GTM leaders build processes for growth based on their product, price point, and target customer? Join Reprise Co-founder Evan Powell and Glasswing Ventures Founder & MP Rudina Seseri to learn how to build a modern sales team aligned with the modern buyer persona.
  15. A New Era of B2B Sales: Three Strategies Growth Leaders Must Implement Today with Outreach: Back-to-back seismic catalysts have reshaped our society, accelerating the digitization of buying and selling. Today’s economic headwinds will hasten the arrival of a new era in B2B sales. As efficiency and effectiveness become the mots du jour, sales leaders will need to arm their teams with top-tier sales technology, retain the very best talent, and ensure their sellers engage with insights and intelligence. Join Mary Shea, Global Innovation Evangelist at Outreach, as she shares her vision for the future of sales and provides growth leaders with actionable advice to succeed in today’s dynamic marketplace.



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