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The SaaStr Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Great VP of Sales

  • Written by Jason Lemkin
  • Includes the entire lifecycle of your VP of Sales from Hiring to Minting
  • Interview checklists + worksheets to apply immediately at your startup

What's on the Inside? 👇


Interview checklists and qualities to look for in your next VP of Sales.

Comp Structure

Not sure how to compensate your VP of Sales? 

See how much.


Templates for 1:1s, monthly and quarterly meetings. 


Learn how to scale sales to $100M+ ARR from those who have done it.

VP of Sales is the #1 Common Mis-hire in SaaS.

And this ebook will help prevent you from making the same mistake. See a sneak peek.

Jason Lemkin is a 4x SaaS Startup Founder & the CEO and Founder of SaaStr.

Jason Lemkin started the world’s largest community for SaaS/B2B founders,, and the world’s largest gathering for them, SaaStr Annual | The Biggest SaaS Event on the Planet.

In addition to running SaaStr, he is a hyper-founder-centric VC with $90m to invest in the top SaaS founders. He’s been the first or very early investor in many leading enterprise/SaaS start-ups, including Algolia, Automile, Talkdesk, Parklet, Greenhouse, Mixmax, Pipedrive, Rainforest QA, Logikcull, SalesLoft, Teamable, Gorgias, and more.

Jason has co-founded two successful start-ups selling to the enterprise. Most recently, he served as CEO and co-founder of EchoSign, the web’s most popular electronic signature service, from inception through its acquisition by Adobe Systems Inc.

He then served as Vice President, Web Services at Adobe, where he oversaw the growth of EchoSign and Adobe Document Services to $50,000,000 in ARR in 2012 and $100,000,000+ ARR in 2013.

Prior to EchoSign and Adobe, he co-founded one of the only successes in nanotechnology, NanoGram Devices, which was acquired for $50m just 13 months after its founding. The technology, built into implantable power cells, has gone on to help extend the lives of thousands.

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