Train Your Team with SaaStr Pro

A structured, automated training program designed to train your entire team, year round.

What is SaaStr Pro?

You have to train your team in SaaS.  How to go upmarket.  How to drive up NPS.  How to increase pricing.  How to sell more of a solution.  How to compete.  How to get more referrals, and increase revenue retention.

Your team can’t learn by osmosis.  At least, not very well.

So we’ve done the hard work for you.  We’ll train them for you with SaaStr Pro.

We’ve created 52+ weekly, structured lessons from the top SaaStr content and case studies. The lessons have one goal: to get your team to engage with the content so that they can improve each week, and you can grow faster.

We drive your team to collaborate and spark the discussions on the most important things you can do right now to improve.

It works.

Errette Dunn, CEO REVER

“The SaaStr Pro weekly lessons have been a great way to train my team. We’ve always had a meeting to talk about things we’ve learned, but lately it had grown stale. Now, we talk about the SaaStr Pro lesson for the week, debate it a bit, and then decide on the precise next steps to implement. Our meeting has its mojo back!”

Errette Dunn, CEO, Rever

How does SaaStr Pro work?

One of the best things about SaaStr Pro—besides the lesson content, of course—is how easy it is to use.

Sign Up

Everyone on your team gets a login and you’re ready to get started! No lengthy implementations or on-boarding required.

Get Weekly Lessons

We send out a structured (but easily consumable) lesson that includes an article or ebook, and a video + homework and key talking points to help guide your team discussion.

Meet Weekly

Your team then comes together weekly to talk about the lesson and apply it directly to a business issue that you are currently trying to solve.

Grow Your Business

Each lesson is cross-functionally relevant and created with a growing company in mind. Don’t worry, everyone on your team will have something to add and take away.

ake Young, VP of Sales, Grow

“We get value out of every part of our SaaStr Pro membership. Every week in our management meeting we take 15 minutes to talk about that week’s SaaStr Pro lesson. The AMAs (Ask Me Anything) are also very valuable for us. Plus, we just joined the Slack channel to interact with other SaaS leaders. It’s incredibly valuable to interact with others going through similar challenges.”

Jake Young, VP of Sales, Grow

What do you get?

With SaaStr Pro you get more than just content. Included with your Pro subscription, you get access to a variety of other SaaStr perks.

52+ lessons for you and your team

Articles, Ebooks, Videos, and Homework to help guide your team discussions.

Access to an exclusive content library

Full access to a non-public library built specifically with SaaStr Pro users in mind.

Job Listings Pushed to 60,000+

We push SaaStr Pro companies job listings out weekly to our 60k subscribers.

VIP Passes to SaaStr Annual

We include VIP tickets to SaaStr Annual, SaaStr Europa, and other SaaStr events.  

Access To Exclusive AMAs (Ask Me Anything)

Invites to exclusive AMAs (Ask Me Anything) with some of your favorite SaaS superheroes (including Jason Lemkin), so you can ask them the questions that relate directly to your business.

Access To Exclusive Dinners, AMAs & More

You’ll go VIP to SaaStr Annual and in particular attend a special dinner just for Pro CEOs.  You’ll also get early access to all our mentoring programs and VC fundraising programs.

Example SaaStr Pro Curriculum

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