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The Catch-22 in Hiring Today

So there’s a catch-22 in hiring today. There shouldn’t be, but there is. There’s a general view among many in tech that they’re asked to do too much with too little. They’re now underpaid for too much work. And that every job is risky. That they could get laid off anytime, no matter how well…
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SaaStr Europa or SaaStr Annual: Which Should I Go To?

So both of SaaStr’s mega events are coming up. First up, and soon, is the 5th SaaStr Europa is coming back to London on 4-5 June. 4,000+ of us will get together there to share, scale and learn. From Accel to Lightspeed, from Box to Cloudflare, the Best of the Best in SaaS and Cloud…
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58% of You Say Sales Cycles Are Even Longer in 2024

So not everyone is seeing tougher times these days. SaaS outside of classic “B2B’ is often holding up well. Klaviyo, Toast, etc. just had very strong quarters. More B2B2C there. And AI is obviously on fire, pulling up AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc. Security remains on fire overall as well. But classic B2B SaaS is…
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Dear SaaStr: Should Founders Start Their Vesting at Date Of Incorporation So They Have Vesting Prior to Raising VC Capital?

Dear SaaStr: Should Founders Start Their Vesting at the point of incorporation so they have shares vested prior to signing a deal with investors? No. At least, don’t do too much of this. I got this backwards, as do most founders. We think “being vested” protects us from VCs. Yes, there can be some corner…
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