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Watch The Top 7 Sessions From 2023 SaaStr Annual!!

Missed our biggest, best SaaStr Annual ever? No problem! We’ll start transcribing, publishing, Youtube-ing, and podcast-ing all the top sessions. Some are already up, and you can watch at ton of them here on the Live tab on YouTube. But if you want to catch up on the 7 Most Popular Sessions from 2023 Annual,…
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Can We Even Afford to Do SMB Sales in the U.S. Anymore?

So I’ve been doing SaaS for a while, and the costs of doing business have just gone up. Inflation is everywhere. Salaries have gone up. Marketing expenses have gone up. And expectations for OTE have gone way up. The net effect I see this happening today is a squeeze in U.S.-based SMB sales positions. SaaS…
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Dear SaaStr: What Percentage of Shares Should Be Set Aside for Employee Equity?

Dear SaaStr: What Percentage of Shares Should Be Set Aside for Employee Equity? Nuanced answer: A lot. But, the precise number today doesn’t matter. At a practical level, if you are growing quickly, you’ll typically grant 6-8% a year in additional grants (and dilution) — and maybe get half back as folks leave. VC answer:…
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How to Be a Much Better Sales Executive in About 60 Seconds

So this post is, in some ways, a repeat. I’ve made this point before. But never in its own post. And I’m making it again because it’s something between all these Calendly invites, and side hustles, and more that everyone has gotten worse at. We’ve all gotten worse at getting back to prospects and customers…
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Building a Global SaaS Empire: 5 Bets That Paid Off with Freshworks Founder & CEO Girish Mathrubootham (Video + Pod)

Freshworks is a successful public SaaS company that has a humble beginning in the small town of Chennai, India. Founder and CEO Girish Mathrubootham shares five big bets that paid off as he scaled this multi-product company.

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