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6 Questions Founders Should Ask Themselves to Drive Value from Generative AI with Base10 Partners

Generative AI is a platform shift where models can take inputs such as text, image, audio, video, and code and generate new content into any of the modalities mentioned. TJ Nahigian, co-founder and Managing Partner of Base10 Partners, and Luci Fonseca, Partner, deep dive into the current GenAI landscape, incumbents vs. startups, and the six…
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Dear SaaStr: What Would Be The Single Most Important Advice You Would Give Other Entrepreneurs?

Dear SaaStr: What Would Be The Single Most Important Advice You Would Give Other Entrepreneurs? Quit today if you don’t want it bad enough. But … never quit if you truly do. … Now, by “quit” I don’t literally mean leave the keys on your desk and quit today. Not if you have investors, customers,…
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Who Should Your VP of Product Report To?

Lately I’ve been working with 5+ SaaS companies all hiring their first VP of Product. Most around $6m-$10m ARR, although one just past $2m ARR. And critically, most have a really strong CEO-CTO partnership. Both are great leaders, and both are great at scoping out the product and its future. That means often it’s not…
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Annual Layoffs: The New “Best Practice”?

Are layoffs now just institutionalized in Silicon Valley? And if so, what does that mean? Instacart was one of the 3 Tech IPOs to go out late last year, along with Klaviyo and ARM. And then crushed the last quarter, with $800m of revenue and a stunning $200m of EBTIDA! At the same time —…
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How to Double Your Magic Number and Increase Your Go-to-Market Efficiency with Sapphire Ventures

Rajeev Dham and Karan Singh, Partners at Sapphire Ventures, and Jane Lee, Vice President at Sapphire walk us through how to double your “Magic Number,” a shorthand for your SaaS sales and marketing efficiency. In recent years, the average Magic Number and benchmark for go-to-market efficiency has dropped from .7x to just .3x. How has the happened? And what can founders and revenue leaders do to turn around their budgets for efficient growth?

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AI Day is Coming Digitally to SaaStr on March 27 2024!

Building off the popularity of our AI Day at last September’s SaaStr Annual, we’re bringing it back online this March on Wednesday, March 27th for a completely live, digital event that will bring the global SaaStr community together with the brightest innovators in Artificial Intelligence for a day of digital content. (And don’t worry we’ll be bringing it back to the Annual this September too.)

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