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Slack, The First 1000 Employees: A Deep Dive with Stewart Butterfield and Alex Konrad

So as Slack was crossing 1,000 employees and its first 150 enterprise customers, we were lucky to have Slack’s CEO and Co-Founder, Stewart Butterfield, back to SaaStr Annual. Alongside Forbes reporter, Alex Konrad, Stewart and Alex took center stage as our opening keynote to have an open discussion on the workplace of the future. It…
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How to Build Go-to-Market Efficiency in SMB Sales with CRO Kyle Norton

How do you build GTM efficiency in SMB sales? The CRO at Owner, Kyle Norton, shares his learnings and strategies for building better efficiency into your GTM motion.

While this title is SMB-oriented, the advice applies to Mid-Market and Enterprise, too. The three topics we’ll focus on are:

The importance of staying focused and how to say no.
Ways to scale that don’t include rampant inefficiency and burn.
How to build operational excellence into your organization at different stages of the growth curve.

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How Shopify Implements AI Across Sales and Product with Mike Tamir, Head of AI at Shopify, and Rudina Seseri, Managing Partner at Glasswing Ventures

Mike Tamir, Head of AI at Shopify, and Rudina Seseri, founder and Managing Partner at Glasswing Ventures, level-set about where we are in the cycle for Enterprises adopting AI and the critical work being done at Shopify to leverage AI and solve real problems.

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How To Reverse-Engineer a $100M Exit: SaaStr on My First Million Pod

How do you reverse-engineer your first million as a SaaS startup founder? SaaStr founder and CEO Jason Lemkin chats with Sam Parr on the popular YouTube channel and podcast My First Million about what’s required to make it on the map for a $100M exit and then reverse engineers the steps to get there.

Rule 1: New minimum is $400K per employee
Rule 2: Go multi-product
Rule 3: Your second product must be bigger than your first product
Cheat code: Double your prices
Rule 4: 30% of your revenue is international
Rule 5: Localize your product
Cheat code: Remove friction
Rule 6: 100% net revenue retention
Rule 7: Don’t raise double digit millions

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A Technical Deep Dive Into Building AI Products for the Enterprise with Contextual AI’s CEO Douwe Kiela

If you work on anything related to Artificial Intelligence, you know we’re in the age of language models. But when it comes to Enterprises specifically, language models can change the way we work, and they have very big issues. At SaaStr AI Day, Contextual AI’s CEO, Douwe Kiela, deep dives into what it takes to build AI products for the Enterprise.

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How to Accelerate Production Deployment and Embed Trustworthy AI into Commercial Solutions with IBM Embeddable AI Leader George Kreitler

Designing AI systems with explainability and data governance ensures transparency and trust. At SaaStr’s AI Day, George Kreitler, Global IBM Embeddable AI Sales Leader, talks about the paradox of AI, three equations that relate to the world productivity and AI, a little math to help guide the next decade, top use cases, and the importance of responsible AI.

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How to Build Happier Employees – Lessons From HubSpot’s CTO Dharmesh Shah and Chief People Officer Katie Burke

At SaaStr Annual we had a great session with HubSpot Founder & CTO, Dharmesh Shah, and their Chief People Officer, Katie Burke, on building happier employees. We’ve had a ton of great HubSpot content over the years but you may have missed this one, and it was a great one. With an honest assessment of…
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