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How to Double Your Magic Number and Increase Your Go-to-Market Efficiency with Sapphire Ventures

Rajeev Dham and Karan Singh, Partners at Sapphire Ventures, and Jane Lee, Vice President at Sapphire walk us through how to double your “Magic Number,” a shorthand for your SaaS sales and marketing efficiency. In recent years, the average Magic Number and benchmark for go-to-market efficiency has dropped from .7x to just .3x. How has the happened? And what can founders and revenue leaders do to turn around their budgets for efficient growth?

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Mastering Partner Marketing: What NOT to Do and How to Excel with Drata CMO Sydney Sloan

Welcome to the latest installment of our “What’s New” series where SaaStr founder and CEO Jason Lemkin sits down with some of the top leaders and founders in SaaS and Cloud to discuss What’s New and what should be top of mind for fellow founders. In the new episode, Jason sits down with Drata CMO Sydney Sloan to talk about what’s new at Drata, the role of CMO at Drata vs. Salesloft, partner marketing, customer marketing, and more.

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High-Velocity Techniques to Maximize Sales with Gusto’s CRO and Head of Go-to-Market

Tolithia (Gusto’s CRO and Head of Go-To-Market Ops, or GTM Ops) and Jamie (Gusto’s Principal, GTM Strategy & Operations) about their high-velocity techniques for maximizing sales. They first discuss their aim of helping other professionals grow their businesses, the importance of proper territory management, especially in high-velocity, high-scale operations, and the difficulties of geographic territories. Following that, they discuss dynamic territory management, the problems of static sales books, and how industry does not necessarily dictate business models. They also touch upon tools and strategies they implemented at Gusto, such as the Next Best Action tool and dynamic books, to decide which leads to work and how. At the end of the discussion, they answer several questions from the audience.

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An AI Deep Dive with Lightspeed and Typeface: Embracing the Potential, Addressing the Challenges

Alex Kayyal and Julie Kainz, Partners at Lightspeed, shared at SaaStr Annual a framework they developed around how to think about this new era of Artificial Intelligence in SaaS, what opportunities are out there for startups, and how to think about incumbents. Together with Abhay Parasnis, founder and CEO of Typeface, they chat about what it looks like to be a builder at the forefront of Generative AI.

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Customer Success In The Era Of Efficiency: A Deep Dive With HubSpot, ChurnZero and SaaStr

Today we’re focusing on actionable insights you can use to drive down churn with customer success in today’s new era of SaaS efficiency. You Mon Tsang, CEO and co-founder of ChurnZero, Colleen O’Sullivan, VP of Integrated Customer Experience at Hubspot, and Jason Lemkin, SaaStr founder and CEO, give their take on where the customer success industry is headed and shares data from the Customer Success Leadership Study done by ChurnZero at the close of 2023.

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CRO Confidential: Bringing Product-Led and Sales-Led Growth Together For Go-To-Market Success with Giancarlo Lionetti, CRO of Zapier

In this latest episode of CRO Confidential, Sam Blond, Partner at Founders Fund and former CRO at Brex, sits down with the CRO of Zapier, Giancarlo Lionetti (GC), to chat about Product-Led Growth (PLG) and Go-To-Market (GTM). Everything from hiring on the GTM side to layering in a sales-led motion into PLG.

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10 Things in Marketing that Change as You Scale: Lessons from Dropbox, Klaviyo, Lightspeed Commerce with Kady Srinivasan, CMO of Lightspeed Commerce

In the ever-evolving world of SaaS, the role of marketing continually adapts and transforms, especially as companies transition through different stages of growth. Kady Srinivasan, the Chief Marketing Officer of Lightspeed Commerce and a veteran in the field with rich experience from companies like Dropbox, Owlet, and Klaviyo, recently shared her invaluable insights on this topic. In this workshop, we delve into the ten pivotal changes in marketing strategies as companies scale, based on Srinivasan’s expertise.

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CRO Confidential: What It Really Takes to Be Successful in Enterprise SaaS Sales with Christian Smith, CRO of Splunk

In this week’s latest episode of CRO Confidential, Sam Blond, Partner at Founders Fund and former CRO at Brex, sits down with the CRO of Splunk, Christian Smith. Splunk is a 20-year-old Enterprise software giant that has accomplished many things — a 2012 IPO, a $28B+ Cisco acquisition in 2023, and $3.7 billion of ARR…
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A Look Back: The Secrets to Scaling to $2 Billion in ARR With HubSpot Co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah

We’re gearing up for our biggest, best-est SaaStr Europa 2024 (June 4-5 in London!) and SaaStr Annual 2024 (Sep 10-12 in SF Bay again!) As part of that, we’re taking a look back at some of the best sessions ever. When both of HubSpot’s co-founders came to Annual to share their top learnings with Jason…
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