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Get your brand in front of 125,000+ B2B software executives.

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SaaStr has the largest organically grown list of SaaS decision-makers. Our audience is highly engaged and vetted, and we are excited to provide our sponsors with the opportunity to get in front of our most passionate SaaS superfans.

With 200,000+ newsletter subscribers, 1,250,000+ social followers, 240,000+ downloads per month on our #1 rated podcast, and 1,000,000 unique readers of our website, our omnichannel media sponsorship opportunities enable you to get in front of the people who have the power to move the needle for your business.

Note: as our media assets are often fully sold out, we offer priority access to partners also sponsoring SaaStr Annual, Europa or APAC.

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Media Sponsorship Options

Media sponsorships help your brand with a variety of different initiatives. There is only so much you can do with your own database and website visitors! By leveraging the SaaStr audience you can get more reach for your brand, product, and thought leadership.

Whether you are looking for help with lead generation, thought leadership, or account-based marketing, our media packages are built for different marketing goals in mind, so we have something for everyone!

Choose from a range of sponsored media options:

SaaStr Weekly, Daily and Insider

Get your thought leadership in front of the SaaStr audience in one of our 3 newsletters, each with a 30%+ open rate

#1 Podcast

Reach 200,000+ Founders and C-Level executives with opportunities to sponsor our #1 Podcast in SaaS

Newsletter Ad

Land your brand directly in the inbox of our newsletter subscribers alongside our popular SaaStr content with ads tailored to your specifications.

Lew Cirne

“SaaStr is the undisputed thought leader in how to build your SaaS business.”

Lew Cirne, CEO, New Relic

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