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Why Competition Is So Bitter in SaaS: Oligopolies and Dominant Strategy Equilibriums

In many segments, competition-to-the-almost-death seems the norm in SaaS.  Just look at Larry Ellison or Marc Benioff.  While both seemed to have mellowed a bit recently, you can still see it in...

10 Great Questions to Ask a VP Sales During an Interview

Ready to hire your first VP Sales?  But haven't done it before? Let me give you a partial interview script that may help a bit.  You'll have to vary it for different types of SaaS businesses -- a...

What's the difference between Owner, CEO, and COO?

COO is a made-up job. What I mean is, there is no organizational “need” for a COO. You need a CEO. You need a VP of Sales. You need, eventually, a CFO. You do not need a COO. It is an elective,...

How should I design sales reps compensation plans at $10k MRR?

Figuring out your very first sales comp plan when you don’t have a repeatable process or much revenue is confusing. I was exactly in the place you were (first rep at $10k MRR) and everyone faces...

What are some rookie mistakes founders make during VC meetings?

A few that are easy to fix: Not standing (when you present to > 2–3 folks). When you stand, you present better. Period. Standing turns you into the center of the audience, into the owner, the...

What should B2B SaaS companies do to ensure the success of their customers and reduce churn?

I know this sounds overly simple, but the answer is: Measure it. Set goals to improve it. Pay people to improve it. Too many start-ups don’t even know their CSAT and NPS. Too many start-ups don’t...

7 “Easy” Ways to Increase Sales

7 top tips: Hire a great VP of Sales. Yes, I am a broken record here. But I've seen it 100+ times. Hire a great VP of Sales, and even if nothing else changes … she'll increase the revenue per lead...

The Rise of the SaaS Decacorns in 2018 (and Beyond)

In some ways, the "local maximum" for SaaS companies was 2015.  Valuations as a multiple of revenues, both for public companies and startups, peaked back then. But revenues didn't peak.  SaaS...

Aaref Hilaly, Sequoia Capital: How to Manage Up and Have Happy a Board, Even When You Miss a Quarter (Video + Transcript)

No matter how great of a company you have, no matter how successful you could potentially become, you will miss a quarter or two...or more. Aaref Hilaly, Partner at Sequoia Capital, knows the...

15+ of The Top Sales & Marketing Mistakes SaaS Startups Make

Recently I assembled my "Top 15" list of Sales & Marketing mistakes SaaS startups make as things start to take-off.  We've touched on quite a few of these before on SaaStr (will link to them), but I...

Re-Imagining the Workplace of the Future: In Conversation with Stewart Butterfield, Slack (Video + Transcript)

We were so excited to have Slack's very own CEO and Co-Founder, Stewart Butterfield, back on our stage this year to kick off SaaStr Annual 2018! Alongside Forbes reporter, Alex Konrad, Stewart and...

Founder to Founder: 10 Toughest Lessons Getting to the First $100m ARR with Cloudflare (Video + Transcript)

What's it really like to scale a business from a few users to $100m ARR and 7 million users? Michelle Zatlyn, co‑founder and COO of Cloudflare, sits down with Laura Bilazarian, CEO, co‑founder of...

The Hardest Part About SaaS Companies, At Each Stage

The hardest part changes every 12–24 months. But a few thoughts on “the hardest part” for the first few stages: From $1-$100k in ARR, the hardest part is often how little revenue you get from each...

Tales of a Modern CEO with Atlassian and Trello (Video + Transcript)

What keeps CEOs up at night? Shareholders, competition, the next big thing? Sure, but there are many other challenges. Modern CEOs are also thinking about how to build inclusive workforces, how...

To Be Funded or Not to Be Funded with Medallia (Video + Transcript)

One company, two sides of the funding debate. Medallia, #7 on Forbes' 2017 top 100 private SaaS companies, bootstrapped for 10 years, then took $255M in investment from Sequoia Capital over the past...

Realizing the Business Impact of Partnerships with Box (Video + Transcript)

When Karen Appleton Page first joined Box, it was an eight-person startup who still held most of their meetings at Starbucks. Together with Aaron Levie and their small team, Karen helped grow Box in...

State of the Cloud: 2018 Edition with Bessemer Venture Partners (Video + Transcript)

Having invested in public cloud unicorns such as Shopify, Twilio, SendGrid, and Box (just to name a few), we think it's safe to say that Bessemer Venture Partners has its finger on the pulse when it...

Fireside Chat with Anurag Gupta, VP Amazon Web Services (Video + Transcript)

In this Fireside Chat from Annual 2018, Anurag Gupta (VP, Amazon Web Services) and Paul Hsiao (General Partner, Canvas Ventures) discuss the current proliferation and importance of customer data,...

What were aspects of your startup that were easier than you anticipated?

The part I didn’t originally get was how relatively easy is it to grow exising accounts and account size if your customers are happy. We segmented customer retention by Small, Medium and Large...

What is the difference between running a 10 person startup and a 100 person startup?

The biggest structural difference is you have to hire all the VPs by employee 50–100. You won’t be able to scale this far without a full management team — VPs of Sales, Marketing, Product,...

What is the best piece of advice on closing deals for a new, inexperienced salesman?

Add value. Most new salespeople focus a lot on the transaction. What’s your budget? Do you need a discount? How big a discount? Can I give you a bigger discount? What questions do you have? If I...

Watch The SaaStr Masterclass “From $0 to $10m in ARR” from Algolia in Paris (Video)

After SaaStr Europa, we had a second, more informal event a few days later at the breathtaking headquarters of Algolia.  Over 240 founders and execs got together to talk about classic SaaStr...

When You Need a CMO. And The #1 Reason CMOs Fail.

To many of you, "CMO" will seem like an almost silly title.  At say $2m in ARR, when you're just figuring our demand gen, SDRs and BDRs and all that ... why would you need a CMO?  You need a VP of Demand Gen!  Maybe a VP of Marketing.  But the last thing you probably...

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