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The Age of the $1 Billion+ Acquisition in SaaS Has Just Begun

When I started off as a SaaS founder, the #1 SaaS company's market cap was ... $2.6 billion.  Yup, Salesforce was worth just a bit more than $2 billion.  And their largest acquisition to date at the time was (drumroll, please) $15m. Fast forward to 2019.  Twilio has...

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Why Your Cost of Sales Generally Doubles As You Scale

One of the biggest things first-time founders intuit wrong is how much sales efficiency plummets ... just as it is getting good. Usually, most SaaS start-ups follow a pattern where the CEO starts off doing founder-led sales. Then, after she hires a few sales reps, and...

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Scaling Revenue via Indirect Channels and Platform Ecosystems with Stripe, Box and Slack (Video + Transcript)

Niall Wall, Box SVP of Business and Corporate Development alongside Vicki Lin, Stripe’s Head of Ecosystem and Cecilia Stallsmith, Slack’s Director of Platform Marketing discuss scaling your revenue via indirect…
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iOS Subscription Offers: How They Work

It's taken a looooong time, but SaaS mobile subscriptions are finally becoming mainstream. SaaS on mobile is nothing new, but having the primary payment and subscription mechanics be on mobile is new. And still early. This is a fun trend to watch so I'm grabbiing some...

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Solving the number-one blind spot in customer success

By Matthew Klassen, Gainsight Head of Creative The promise at the heart of the SaaS business model has always been that by sacrificing relatively large one-time payments, you'd maximize revenue over the long-term lifetime of the customer. In four letters, the promise...

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Three Secrets to a Successful Acquisition

By Dialpad CEO, Craig Walker, Dialpad Founder, and CEO An acquisition can make or break your startup. At worst, a disastrous deal leads to wasted wasted time and money, a startup's two most precious resources. On the flip side, a strategic transaction can give a speed...

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The Customer-Focused Professional’s Guide to SaaStr

By Gainsight Welcome to your curated SaaStr experience, built for those interested in delivering exceptional customer outcomes and experiences. Read on to discover valuable SaaStr sessions and networking opportunities that will expand your network and your mind. Your...

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5 Ways to Make Product Your New Marketing Superpower

By: Jake Sorofman, CMO, Pendo. If you’re of a certain age, you’re probably familiar with the now highly questionable truism that the best products don’t always win. From VisiCalc to Betamax to Apple’s OS, there are plenty of comically old examples of better products...

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Why Managing Subscriptions in Apple iOS is So Hard

iOS Subscriptions are Hard The unreasonable difficulty of implementing iOS subscriptions Subscriptions provide developers a better way to make money. Building an audience of paying subscribers not only generates more revenue, but it offers better customer-developer...

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