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2020 Annual Is Almost Here!!

SaaStr Annual 2020!








Two approaches to marketing messaging at odds

By Shane Murphy-Reuter, Intercom SVP of Marketing Most marketers I know struggle over the same competing messaging challenges: to what degree should we focus our messaging on the function of what our product can do, versus the emotion of how it makes me feel when I...

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10 Tips for Solo Attendees at SaaStr Annual

Ok we are ALMOST there!  Kick off to 2020 Annual is SO close! I don't know about you, but I do get a bit anxious attending larger events solo.  To me, they are like going out to a formal restaurant.  I don't mind going to Chipotle solo, but a fancy restaurant?  Not...

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A Top Customer Success Hack: Driving Up Activation Rates, ASAP

Q: What are the most effective ways of increasing SaaS activation rates? In the early and middle days in customer success, we tend to talk about several core goals and KPIs: Driving up NPS.  This always works.  More here. Logo retention.  Important.  Drive it up. Net...

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