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FREE!! “The Ultimate Guide for Scaling, Sales and Raising Capital”: The Top Quora Questions, Answered in 1 Place!!

Our Quora answers have over 70,000,000 views over the past 7+ years!!  We’ve finally pulled together the most valuable, most helpful, most upvoted Answers.  Thoughtfully organized into Scaling Revenue, Scaling Sales, and Raising Capital.  It’s awesome and if you’ve followed SaaStr (or Jason) for years, this is the ebook you’ve been waiting for!!

The Ultimate Guide to Gaining Traction

You have an idea. You know it could be huge. Then what? Get the pre-launch, during-launch and post-launch checklist for getting your idea off the ground. All for free. Advice and case studies from the founders of Box, Slack, New Relic, Hubspot and more!

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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a GREAT VP of Sales

The toughest hire of all is probably your VP of Sales.  What trade-offs should you make?  What are the right interview questions? When is too early to make the hire?  When do you know that you’ve made a mis-hire?  What’s fair to expect from a VP of Sales, and what isn’t?

We’ve pulled together the top SaaStr content over the years on how to make this critical hire.  And now to make her a success!

FREE!! The Top SaaStr Annual Sessions of All Time!!

Missed any of the past 5 SaaStr Annuals?  Shame on you!  But we’ve got your back.  From Atlassian to Zendesk — we’ve collected and curated the very top sessions from the very top SaaS founders and executives.  

👉 Binge watch time!  Catch up with the creators behind the SaaS products you know and love share how they really did it, what they learned and their best advice to help you scale faster.

FREE PDF!! SaaStr Comunity’s Top 100+ Game-Changing Tips & Tricks!

At year’s SaaStr Annual, we asked the SaaS community to share the best tip or trick that they’ve learned to build and scale their business. The result is this hand-crafted ebook chock full of the very insights in marketing & sales, customer success, product & engineering, and operations. 

The 100+ top tips from top SaaS CEOs and VPs of Sales, Marketing, Success and Product. 

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