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SaaStr 2020 Events and Beyond

SaaStr Scale
December 8-9, 2020

20,000+ of the best revenue leaders from marketing, sales, customer success and product will come together to share their best practices.

SaaStr Money
January 21, 2021

Kick-off the new year by learning What’s Hot, and What’s Not in Capital & Finance. This one-day powerhouse event will bring together top VCs, Founders and Finance leaders.

SaaStr Build
March 9-10, 2021

20,000+ virtual attendees and 20+ top VCs will come together for two days to teach you everything you need to know to grow your revenue, scale up your team and close deals faster.

SaaStr Enterprise
May 27, 2021

2 days, 100s of Top CIOs, CXOs and 1000s of Enterprise CEOs. Sharing how to scale in the enterprise today.  Along with exclusive CEO - CXO networking.

SaaStr New New in Venture
July, 2021

The straight scoop on raising, managing and dealing with venture capital now. Tune in as the top VCs share what’s driving deal flow and the keys to closing your next round of funding.

SaaStr Annual
September 28-29, 2021

 50,000+ hybrid attendees (digital + IRL, where allowed) will come together for the 7th SaaStr Annual. We’ll have 2 full days, 100s of workshops, and 1000s of mentoring sessions.

SaaStr Scale
December, 2021

20,000+ revenue leaders will come together digitally for two days to discuss how to scale to $1B ARR and beyond.

We provide our sponsors a variety of different ways to grow their business. The #1 events.  The #1 podcast.  The #1 blog.  100,000+ newsletter subscribers.  With a passionate community of SaaS executives, founders, CEOs, and VCs, partnering with SaaStr gives your company the opportunity to get in front of the key decision makers that move the needle.

Sam Blond

“We’ve closed 4 deals sourced from SaaStr Annual in less than 3 weeks. Many more forecasted to come. Highest ROI event (or any demand gen channel) we’ve measured. Renewing Sponsorship for next year already!”

Sam Blond, CRO Brex


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