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How to Scale a Successful SaaS Sales Team with Harry Stebbings of 20VC and SaaStr CEO Jason Lemkin (Podcast Episode 500!)

We’re celebrating episode 500 of the SaaStr Podcast! Our SaaStr ‘OG’ podcaster, Harry Stebbings, Founder of The 20 Minute VC and, Jason Lemkin, SaaStr CEO and Founder discuss the future of the markets and how to build a successful SaaS sales team from the ground up.

Blog Posts, Featured Podcasts, Featured Videos, Podcasts, Sales, Videos

The Most Common SaaS Sales Potholes and How to Avoid Them with Mark Roberge (Podcast #498 and Video)

Mark Roberge is the Managing Director at Stage 2 Capital, Sr. Lecturer at Harvard Business School, and author of the bestselling book, The Sales Acceleration Formula, and the original CRO at HubSpot. He shares some of the most common SaaS sales potholes when scaling from $0 to $100 million and how to avoid them.

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Founder Confidential: The Highs and Lows of Fundraising with the CEOs of Boast, Coda, Expensify, LaunchDarkly and SaaStr (Podcast #497 and Video)

Featuring 5 prominent Founders – from Boast, Calendly, Coda, LaunchDarkly, and SaaStr – that have achieved scale, at “Founder Confidential” you will hear about the highs and lows of fundraising, working with a VC board, and real talk about what it really is like to be a true Founder.

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