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Non-Obvious Observations About the Future of Fintech With Plaid COO Eric Sager (Podcast #480 and Video)

The financial services industry – banking, lending, insurance – has long benefited from deep competitive moats that limited competition and stifled innovation. Now with digital finance, innovation is occurring at lightning speed. In this video, Eric Sager, COO of Plaid will make clear what digital finance has enabled thus far, and what else is to come.

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3 CEO Lessons in Scaling Enterprise CX with HubSpot’s CEO: SaaStr Podcast 475 and Video

The role of Chief Customer Officer only continues to rise and become an integral role for scaling in the Cloud. As Hubspot’s CEO and first Chief Customer Officer, Yamini Rangan shares her top lessons for focusing on Enterprise customer experience and the different approaches required for the Enterprise customer journey.

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The Role of Partners to Scaling to $15 Billion With ServiceNow’s CCO: SaaStr Podcast 459 and Video

Join ServiceNow’s Chief Customer and Partner Officer, Lara Caimi, and VP of Strategic Operations for the Customer and Partner Organization, Aneesa Sayall, as they discuss how hitting the gas on how they deliver partners is fundamental to how ServiceNow scales to $10B and beyond.

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