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3 Mistakes Product Teams Tend to Make (And How to Avoid Them) With Zendesk’s SVP Product

Between aggressive timelines and a lack of exposure to customers, the product management process is rife with challenges. Mistakes are bound to be made — we’re only human after all — but not all mistakes are created equal. In this session, Zendesk’s EVP of Product, Shawna Wolverton, will explore the top mistakes product teams tend to make, and how to anticipate and avoid common pitfalls when bringing a new product to market.

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Growing Product and Engineering Orgs from Zero to IPO with Twitter and Redpoint Ventures

Nick Caldwell has built and grown product and engineering organizations at PowerBI (0 to 300 engineers), Reddit (500M MAU) and Looker ($2.7B sale to Google). Nick will share 5 big lessons he’s learned along the way that you can use as you build your company’s product and engineering functions from its earliest days to its largest successes.

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Churn is Dead. Long Live Net Dollar Retention Rate

There are a lot of problems with calculating churn rates. Moreover, public companies don’t generally release churn rates. Thus we’re moving from a world of LTV/CAC and CAC payback period to a world of net dollar retention rates (NDRR). Learn what they are and how to calculate them correctly and how to the move RPO (remaining performance obligation) when it comes to multi-year deals.

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