Spotify has rolled out its latest metrics on the top podcasts and we’re pleased to note The Official SaaStr Podcast is in the Top 1% of most

Our podcast is our quiet but great asset.  It’s an incredible mix of the best speakers and leaders in SaaS.  Just the past few have the CEOs and CROs and CXOs of Atlassian, HubSpot, Gusto, Talkdesk, Klaviyo, Divvy, Algolia, HashiCorp, Confluent, Mailchimp and so much more!

[And if you want to sponsor something to get in front of the most founders and execs is SaaS … it’s honestly our best thing to sponsor.  Get it front of 240,000+ SaaS leaders with almost no work.  Reach out to sponsor the pod here.]

Take a listen to some our latest top pods here:


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