Lots more to come here, but The Official SaaStr Podcast is up with our first 3 episodes.   Our MC and host for most of them will be the amazing Harry Stebbings, who also does The 20 Minute VC which I was an early guest on and which has since gone on to have 100,000+ subscribers and become a featured part of TechCrunch.

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.15.10 AM

We’ll start off with 3 great 20 minute interviews, and a lot more to come, including many “back stage” discussions with the speakers at the ’16 SaaStr Annual.

For now, check out episode one on Product hunt here (and also, let us know your feedback on Product Hunt).

Or go straight to iTunes here.

The first 3 are terrific.

  • Episode #1 is the story of getting pre-nicorn Talkdesk from $0 to its first $3m in ARR, without $1 in traditional marketing.
  • Episode #2 is the inside story of Xero, Behind the Scenes at one of the fastest growing (and most interestingly scaled) SaaS companies.
  • Episode #3 is a great interview with Cloud Elements on the learnings in growing from 50 to 500 employees, the stage most interesting to many SaaStr readers (and now listeners).

Please let us know what you think!!  A lot more to come.

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