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Building Marketing Channels Slowly to Achieve Massive Scale with Datadog CMO Alex Rosemblat (Pod 518 and Video)

Datadog CMO Alex Rosemblat shares his hard-won secret after eight years of leading his company’s marketing: Slow and steady wins the marketing channel race. Read on to learn Rosemblat’s pacing and methodology for achieving your most critical marketing goals, one channel at a time.

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Adding Outbound Sales & Marketing to a Product-Led Growth Engine with Freshworks, Twilio, 1Password, Coda (Podcast 509 and Video)

Many start-ups today start with an amazing Product Led Growth (PLG) engine that hasn’t required an outbound sales and marketing motion. As amazing as this is, if your company wants to move into the mid-market or enterprise business, you’re going to have to build and hire a Sales team, and expand the capabilities of your Marketing function. How can you add this GTM motion effectively, without cannibalizing your existing business? Hear from the CMOs of top tech companies on they helped Freshworks, Twilio, Salesforce, 1Password, Atlassian, Litmus, CircleCi, Coda and many others have faced this challenge and led their companies through this successful transition.

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6 Top Sessions On Scaling From SaaStr Annual 2021

SaaS is not the right industry to aim for incremental, low single-digit revenue growth. This is an industry where stories of 17x growth – like ClickUp scaling from $4 million to $70 million of ARR – are surprisingly common. We’ve curated 6 popular SaaStr Annual 2021 sessions from leaders that have navigated the proverbial rocketship to scale:

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