We are getting CLOSE!!  We’re back for the 8th SaaStr Annual, Sep 13-15, at the outdoor / open air San Mateo country fairgrounds between SF and Palo Alto.  This worked so well last year, we’re staying at the 40 acre campus, just going even bigger and better!

Whether you’ve been to Annual before or not, here are 22 Reasons to Go This Year:

#1.  1000+ Braindates and Mentoring Sessions, including 100s of Top VCs, CROs, CMOs and More.

We’ve made mentoring and Braindates central to SaaStr Annual and Europa, and we’re going to keep refining that for Annual 2022.  We’ll have 1000+ 1:1, 1:2, 1:4, 1:16, and 1:24 sessions with top revenue, sales, and product leaders, and subject matter experts.  Along with 100s of VCs on Monday Day, Sep 15.  They’ll run all day, every day, and you can join as many as you want.

#2.  The Biggest Event of the Year in SaaS!

With Dreamforce scaled back, and our good friends at HubSpot moving Inbound to a hybrid digital/IRL event, SaaStr Annual is now the biggest event in the world for SaaS.  Now, of course, we aren’t a vendor-specific event like Dreamforce or Inbound.  But if you want to meet the most CEOs, CROs, CMOs, CPOs, VPEs, VCs, and more in SaaS and Cloud … you gotta be there!

#3.  New!! Incredible CRO/CMO Growth Track!

All day of Sep 14th we’ll have the best CROs and CMOs and more, one after another, showing you how to scale faster and better.  We’ll have the CROs of Calendly (!), Cloudflare (!), Atlassian (!), Lattice, Algolia, Divvy, Deel, Confluent, Snowflake, New Relic, Expel and so, so much more sharing their Playbooks to Scale!

#4.  The Best VCs in All of SaaS. 100s and 100s of Them.

Yes, VCs are still investing over Zoom.  But it goes so, so much better if you’ve met in person.  Come meet 100s of VCs from Sequoia, Lightspeed, HubSpot Ventures, Battery, Mayfield, YCombinator, General Catalyst, Redpoint, Index, Base10 and so so much more!  Get funded at Annual!  More here.

#5.  Learn from the most incredible CEOs, from Mailchimp to Grammarly to Airtable to Front to HashiCorp to Braze to Gusto and so much more!!

We’ll have so, so many incredible CEOs and founders!!  We’ll have the CEOs and COOs of Grammarly, Algolia, Airtable, Braze, Gusto, Front, Segment, ServiceTitan, DoNotPay, Medable, Okta, Zapier and so much more!!  Phew!!

#6.  Tons of parties and events, including The Big Party with Duke Dumont!!

There are tons of different ways to meet new great founders, execs, and VCs.  Parties are one good way.  We’ll have happy hours on-site every night in the Cantina, on Tuesday night Sep 13 we’ll have 12+ informal parties in the area for different subject matters and functions, on Wednesday, Sep 14, we’ll get everyone together for a Big Party on-site with Duke Dumont, and then on Thursday, Sep 15, we’ll all get together with more Braindates and a big, informal Closing Out Party.

#7.  Bring a Friend to The Big Party with Duke Dumont.

This is gonna be fun.  And all attendees can bring a buddy, an S.O., or a good friend to The Big Party.

#8.  The top Equality and Inclusion program in the industry.

SaaStr has reserved 2,000 no-cost, VIP passes to Annual for less represented founders and execs.  We believe this is a bigger commitment than anyone else in the industry.  Please apply here.  Our EIB program includes VIP access to everything, inclusion session reg, and Braindates, along with our classic Inclusion Brunch.

#9.  A Perfect Event to Combine With a General SF Bay Area Business Trip.

The world has changed, but the SF Bay Area is still the global HQ of SaaS.  Come to Annual in September, yes, but also come visit your customers here, your partners here, and more.

#10.  Find That Great VP You Need to Hire — and Meet a Great VP So You Know Who To Hire. 

We’ll have everything from our classic Job boards, to AMAs, to Braindates, and more.  So many chances to meet great VPs.  Maybe you’ll hire one!  And certainly, you’ll get a sense of what best-of-breed is.

#11.  A Lot of Fun.  You Deserve This.  We Make Learning Fun.

SaaStr is very serious about learning together how to scale at Annual.  But we know one of the best ways to learn is to have fun along the way.  SaaS isn’t easy, and it takes a while.  We take every session, every speaker, every part of Annual seriously.  But we also try to design every element so it’s genuinely fun.  From Art Cars, to parties that are truly fun, to special sessions like Founder Confidential, to having a bit of a sense of humor about how hard this all really is.

#12.  Do Your Team Offsite at Annual!! 

We have big discounts on team packs for a reason — Annual is even better when you bring your team.  We have great tracks, content, Braindates, and mentoring sessions for Sales, Marketing, Product, Success, and Engineering leaders.  You have to do quarterly offsites anyway.  Do the next one at Annual!  Bring 20+, and we can bring your whole team for one modest price, let us know!

#13.  200+ Sponsors and Partners to Learn from, Talk to, And Get Tune-Ups From.

The best of the best sponsor SaaStr Annual.  We have a higher concentration of founders and SaaS CEOs than any other global gathering.  So it’s a great chance to talk to them.  To discover a new product for your tech stack, or to interact with one of your favorite vendors IRLs.  And to learn together.

#14. The Playbooks to Scaling.  Scaling Revenue, Leads, Teams, and More.

We’ll have 20+ special sessions on The Playbooks.  The Playbook to getting more leads.  More customers.  Driving NPS up.  And so much more.  Real, actionable Playbooks.  From the best of the best.

#15.  It’s the Super Bowl of SaaS.

That’s from Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom — not us.  There’s just something special about being together with the best of the best.

#16.  A Quiet Co-Working Space To Get Work Done, When You Need To.

We’ve added a coworking space for the past few annuals, and blew it up and made it even bigger last year and again this year.  So there will be plenty of power, quiet space, and more to get work done while you are at Annual. Don’t worry if you have meetings or calls.  We’ve got a huge, enormous open-air fed hall for you to take them in.

#17.  Birds-of-a-Feather Lunches and More.

We’ll make sure you meet other great folks doing what you’re doing.  Lunches for Sales, for Marketing, for CS, for Product, for Ops and more.  They’re a lot of fun and all part of our journey to make sure everyone makes as many connections as possible!

#18. Plato Sessions for Product and Engineering Mentorship. 

These are roundtables with top executives from top tech leaders from Box, Adobe, Zoom, VMWare, Coursera, Paypal, Zendesk, Proofpoint, Segment, and more and are highly rated.  You automatically meet new great folks here.

#19.  A Double-Sized Cantina, All Day Long!

Dead center of Annual we have our Cantina, open all days, with everything from kombucha to ice coffee to margaritas.  The goal is a hub to again meet more and new folks.  The Cantina was packed all day and night long last time, so we’re doubling the Cantina itself, and tripling the number of Cantina stages from 1 to 3.

#20.  Mainly Outdoors and Open-Air Across a 40+ Acre Campus.  And 100% Tested. 

SaaStr Annual is again mainly outdoors and open-air across a 40+ acre campus.  We’ll build 9 outdoor stages and an outdoor expo, and have an open-air coworking space and meeting spaces.  In addition, 100% of all attendees will be Covid tested prior to attending or on-site, as well as temperature scanned.  No one else does this.

#21.  More Unicorns, Decacorns, Centaurs and More Than Anywhere on the Planet. 

Want to really meet the best of the best?  They come to SaaStr.  Meet the CEOs, founders, and CXOs of Gong, Algolia, HubSpot, Lattice, Divvy, Front, Checkout.com, Divvy, Braze, Airtable, Medable, Gusto, AngelList, Cloudinary, Deel, Confluent, Okta, Grammarly, Mailchimp, Drift, Notion, Atlassian, Salesloft, Talkdesk, Klaviyo, TripActions, Carta, Nylas, Oyster, Airbase, Drata, Calendly and so much more.  100+ Unicorns, Decacorns

#22.  The Super Fun Last Call Party on Thursday. 

This was one of the very best parts of Annual last year.  We stayed until they kicked us out!  We’ll have a progressive party all across our 40-acre campus.  The Last Call party ended up being a time where folks that were most engaged had some of the best conversations of the whole event.  It is worth staying for.

Phew!!  Trust us, it’s worth it.  Just come.

We Are SaaStr!  See everyone together, again, Sep 13-15 in SF Bay Area!!


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