So how will SaaS startup geographical distribution change after Covid?

One thing we do have at SaaStr is 6 years of data from folks travelling from all across the world to SaaStr Annual, from just about every country in the world and every state in the U.S.

What we’ve seen is 66% of attendees from the U.S., 33% from outside.  That roughly ties to where we’ve seen innovation in SaaS.

And the U.S. distribution is here, and it’s sort of what you’d expect:

NYC was a strong #2 before Covid … and Texas was a stronger #3 than I would have expected vs. Seattle.

Although you can see it now, post-Covid.  Austin is on fire for SaaS, and NYC has always been quietly strong.  With Datadog, Mongo, UiPath, etc. it’s even stronger now.

Will Covid change this distro?  Will distributed teams and a year of working remotely change all this?  Or will California, in the end, still be 42% of SaaS startups and founders?

We’ll see in about 6 months.

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