So not everyone is seeing tougher times these days.  SaaS outside of classic “B2B’ is often holding up well.  Klaviyo, Toast, etc. just had very strong quarters.  More B2B2C there.  And AI is obviously on fire, pulling up AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.  Security remains on fire overall as well.

But classic B2B SaaS is definitely in many cases seeing tougher times. Not just for now, but going into a third year of tougher times.  Is 2024 any easier?

The other day HubSpot, despite growing 23% at a $2.5 Billion in ARR, said No. Things aren’t getting any easier.  Things in “classic B2B” haven’t bounced back to easier yet.  ZoomInfo, another pure play in B2B on the data side, isn’t seeing any bounce back yet, either:

HubSpot: “Yes, We Had a Great Quarter. But … To Be Clear … Things Aren’t Bouncing Back Yet”

And that seems to be what 1,000+ of your are saying as well.  In fact, 58% of you say sales cycles are even longer this year.

This isn’t any great news.  But it does mean it’s time to accept it all, if you haven’t.  There will be a bounce back.  We’re already seen it in many consumer segments, where things move more quickly.  It’s just not here yet.

So Just Keep Building.

Dear SaaStr: What is the Best Way to Deal with Long Sales Cycles?

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