So we are so close!!  The 3d SaaStr Europa is coming up 7-8 June in Sunny Barcelona!

A first-timers guide here, 10+ Insider Tips:

#1.  Sign Up for A Bunch of Braindates.  Braindates and Super Braindates are incredible chances to meet 1:2, 1:4, 1:8, 1:20 with some of the very top CEOs, CTOs, CROs, CMOs, founders, and more in SaaS.  Big sessions are fun, but sign up for at least 4 Braindates.  The topics are usually very specific and focused, and the session leaders are often of incredible quality.  And it’s just a great way to meet the folks sharing the Braindate.

#2.  Show Up for Reg on June 6 at Day 0.  We’ll have Cava, snacks, and no lines for folks that come the afternoon / early evening before to grab their badges.  In addition, as Covid tests are required for all attendees, you can get one the day before from us, too, and cruise through reg the next day.  More importantly, it’s a great chill opportunity to meet a few other SaaS execs by the sea before things really rev up.

#3.  Register for sessions early (although you don’t generally have to).  The mobile app will be out shortly and click on the sessions you are most interested in.  The venue and space are vast and you can really just attend any session you want (most will have plenty of space), but by registering, we’ll figure out other sessions and content that may be of interest, and guarantee you a seat.

#4. Opt-in to meeting other folks on the mobile app — if you want.  The mobile app has limited networking built in, so opt into that if you want to meet other SaaS execs, and/or have them reach out to you.

#5. Read all the Health & Safety Rules, and remember — No Exceptions.  Everyone will be boosted and tested, and you can’t enter if you are sick or have a fever of any sort.  And much of the event will be outdoors, and all of the indoor parts will be open-air.  Importantly, there will be zero exceptions.  If you can’t meet the health and safety requirements, let us know, and we’ll get you a full refund ASAP.  And test ahead of time to get in fast.

#6. Attend the cocktail parties on-site both evenings.  You won’t have to go far — we’ll have great on-site parties both 7 June and 8 June right at the venue, near the ocean.  Stay to the end; they’re organized so you can both have fun and meet as many folks as possible.

#7. Founders and VCs — sign up for the meet-a-VC program.  You’ll get an email shortly on this.  If you want to get funded, or meet founders looking for funding, sign up for this program.  We’ll connect you to each other.

#8. Sign up for VC Braindates to meet specific VCs, too.  Everyone from Salesforce Ventures to Atomico and more are doing small group Braindates, especially on 8 June.  Just sign up for any fund or firm you want to learn more about.

#9.  Come to lunchtime Q&As if you want.  Many of our top speakers will be doing more informal Q&A sessions at lunch.  Grab something great to eat and come get your top questions answered!

#10.  Come to the Inclusion Brunch.  Many of our top speakers and others will be joining our Inclusion Brunch on Day 2.  All women and less represented founders, and participants in our Equality, Balance and Inclusion program are invited!  Apply here.

#11.  Come early-ish.  We know many of our European friends like to start a bit later than in the U.S., and that’s fine.  In fact, we’re starting later because of it (we start as early as 8am at SaaStr Annual in the U.S.).  But we have amazing kick-off sessions with everyone from Christoph Janz at Point9 and Peter Specht of Creandum to the Head of Engineering at Notion to the CPO of G2 to the VPs of Sales at Salesloft, Vidyard, 6 Sense, and more!  More of the agenda here.

#12.  We’ll have a formal coworking space with tables and power, and plenty of other places to work.  So bring your laptop and yes, be present.  But feel free to get some work done, too.  Europa is designed so you can stay all day, even if you have some work to do, too.

#13.  It’s big, but not that big.  It’s exciting and also chill.  SaaStr Annual in September is massive — 10,000+.  But Europa at 2,500+ attendees will be big enough to have tons of incredible speakers, VCs, and CEOs to learn from and meet.  But small enough so you’ll feel like you’re part of a gathering.  Small enough to just come all day, and be part of something.  Something special.

See you there!  See you soon!

2022 SaaStr Europa, 7-8 June in Barcelona, right by the beach.

It will be epic.

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