Casey Renner, partner at Openview, grabbed 3 of our great speakers from 2021 SaaStr Annual to do 3 fun, short walks-and-talks.  All 3 are worth a watch!

  1.  CEO of Algolia, Bernadette Nixon.

First up was a walk-and-talk with one of my favorite CEOs, Bernadette Nixon of Aloglia.  I was lucky enough to be the first U.S. VC in Algolia back in 2014, and it’s now a $2B+ search API giant.

Casey did a deep dive on the future of APIs and more here:

2.  Jeff Yoshimura, CMO at Synk.

Jeff is OG SaaStr, having presented back when he was CMO at Elastic and other times since.  A great chat with a veteran SaaS CMO on how to scale marketing and more:

3.  A deep dive with Aileen Horgan, VP Marketing at Sequoia-backed Vanta, on making your first marketing hires:

Casey also hosted an incredible panel with the 3 Unicorn CEOs of Calendly, Algolia and Contentful below.  It was one of our highest rated sessions so give it a watch:

Thanks Casey for doing these!!  See you next year.


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