So the more founders I talk to about how often they do in-person team meetups now, the fewer really do them often enough.  Companies that were distributed pre-2020 generally did and do a quarterly meet-up in person, to get everyone together, often at a rotated location.

But now that we all run distributed teams, most folks aren’t really bringing their teams together as often as they should.

This small SaaStr poll illustrates the trend.  Only 29% of folks are actually  formally meeting every quarter.

It’s time to do better.

One little way we can help — bring your entire team together to 2024 SaaStr Annual in the SF Bay Area Sep 10-12.  The weather is perfect in the Bay Area then, and Annual is now hybrid outdoors/indoors and open-air, spread across 40+ acres.

Bring the whole team.  We’ll have 400+ workshops, braindates and mentoring sessions that can benefit everyone on the team.  Not just presentations from the top founders, but top leaders in CS, Marketing, Sales, Product, Engineering and more will share how they do it.  Top CROs, CCOs, CMOs, VPs of Sales, Heads of Outbounds, and so much more.  There will be plenty for everyone on your team to learn from.

And our first-ever SaaStr AI Summit!

You can also use the 40+ acres, and the entire Bay Area, to meet-up.  To be a team.  Together, IRL.

Take advantage of Annual 2024 as your IRL team meet-up.

We have special Full Team passes for Teams of 20-500, an additional 20%-50% off.  Just email us here for Full Team passes.

In 2024 don’t just get the team together in September.  Inspire them together.  At 2024 SaaStr Annual.

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