We’re gearing up for the 2021 SaaStr Annual, and it will be great — and different.

We can’t think of another IRL event that has put more into real health and safety than SaaStr Annual, so we wanted to review all the thoughts and precautions here, which we think are almost unique in the industry:

  1. 100% Vaccinated AND 100% Tested.  Everyone attending, and all staff working on, SaaStr Annual will be fully vaccinated AND tested 72 hours before the event.  Both.  Not either or.  No one is doing both, and it has a lot of overhead and other issues.  But we believe it will make everyone even more comfortable.  Everyone will also be thermal scanned daily.  We’ll also have a world-class health & safety team on-site to assist.
  2. Outside and Open Air — across 40+ acres!  We’ll be outside, and stretched out across 40 acres.  All the stages, the expo, the braindates, the mentoring, VC day, etc. are outdoors across the spacious San Mateo Country Fairgrounds in the SF Bay Area.  There will be one indoor area to take a distanced break in the massive Coworking Space, with masks required and open-air doors.
  3. No exceptions to Vaccination Policy.  It’s a zero exception policy.  For folks unable or not willing to be vaccinated, you just can’t come.
  4. Plenty of space.  40+ Acres.  We won’t be cramped into an indoor convention center.  The fairgrounds is spread across 40+ acres, with tons of room to stretch out, and have small meetings outside.

We’ll see you all Sep 27-29, in the SF Bay Area.  100% vaccinated, tested, and outdoors / open-air.

Our goal is an experience that is more comfortable, more spacious, and more relaxed than eating outdoors with friends.

See you there!

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