The team at Traction has been on a similar mission to SaaStr and we’ve collaborated a lot over the years.

Traction and Boast co-founder Lloyed Lobo and Jason Lemkin caught up on how to really scale your SaaS company 10x in a deep-dive here:

We deep dive on:

  • How to get from $10m to $100m ARR even with so-so growth
  • When to quit in SaaS, and when not to
  • Adding “ex post facto” cofounders later
  • When you have to stop being an IC (Individual Contributor)
  • When you have to stop being a VP
  • What the best VPs of Demand Gen do
  • When to hire which VPs, and why
  • Selling with a brand vs. selling without a brand, and how it’s very different
  • Why you don’t do enough interviews
  • How to compete with Decacorns and Unicorns in the war for talent
  • Why half of any VP’s role is recruiting

And so much more!

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