So we’re getting to the point where we can see it won’t be that far out until we’re into the next phase of all of this, with everyone at least in the U.S. in tech having the vaccine by May or so, Disneyland reopened, and more.

We’ve been quietly planning SaaStr Annual 2021 “IRL” (In Real Life) since Covid hit and we’re still 30 days away from rolling out a plan.

For now, hold off until late April or so for our initial plan.  Let us quietly work on things until then.

But for now, what we’re hoping and planning to do:

  • A safe SaaStr Annual IRL in September 2021
  • Only for vaccinated attendees.  No exceptions
  • Mainly outside venue.  Tons of space to stretch out
  • Industry highest standard safety standards
  • Day 1 with a big digital component for 50k+, but mainly IRL / real-world
  • Room for everyone that was planning to attend in 2020, with some additional space for new attendees and sponsors

There’s a lot to still work on.  Hold tight, and we all should know a lot more in about 30-45 days.  It’s still a bit early.  And it will be great, but it will be a bit different than years past, so please be flexible!

There are still a lot of open questions, and we’re still working our best on them.

But we’ve got a plan and hope to all get back together, safely and with friends, IRL in September.

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