Equality, Inclusion and Balance have been part of SaaStr’s core values since inception.

Starting in 2017, we added a no-cost VIP program for women and other less-represented founders and SaaS execs without full budget to attend SaaStr Annual, and we then expanded the program to 1,000+ participants, and reproduced it at SaaStr Europa 2018, 2019 and 2022.

It’s now more important than ever to fight for inclusion and equal rights for all.  

As part of that, we’re now expanding the no-cost tickets and VIP passes to 2022 SaaStr Annual to 2,000 participants.

Please apply now, and please tell your colleagues and friends.

-> Please Apply here!!

Our core goals and values at SaaStr include:

  1. Putting on the most inclusive events in the industry and

  2. Being as inclusive a community as possible.

We believe that true innovation depends on hearing from, meeting with, and listening to people with a variety of perspectives and diverse backgrounds. We want our events, and the community and companies who participate in them, to include, encourage, and recognize people of all races, ethnicities, genders, ages, abilities, religions, sexual orientation, and military service.

To support those goals, among other initiatives, we offer 2,000 VIP Equality + Inclusion Passports a year at no cost.

These VIP passports include full, no-cost access to SaaStr Annual (and SaaStr Europa). They also include priority access to our mentorship and CEO <-> VC matchmaking programs at no cost.

A confirmation email will be sent if selected


  • A full VIP conference pass to all our upcoming in-person and digital events

  • Priority access to all sessions and events

  • First/early access to all mentoring platforms and programming (1000+ braindates, etc)

  • VIP/early access to session registration

  • Early access to our Meet-A-VC Matching application (for Founders and CEOs)


  • Be a member of a group not well-represented within the tech community or at technical conferences, including but not limited to: women, underrepresented backgrounds, people with disabilities, LGBTQ, veterans

  • Be an employee at a post-revenue B2B or SaaS operating company

  • Must be able to book your own travel and accommodations for SaaStr Annual

  • If employed, your employer will not cover the cost of your conference attendance

  • If founder or CEO, at < $1m in ARR

  • If founder or CEO and funded, with < $2m in VC funding

  • No VCs, unless non-partner and fund size < $40m

  • Must be 21 years old or over to apply

  • Must agree to follow our Code of Conduct


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