So we had a “SaaStr Royale” casino at SaaStr Annual last year and it was a big hit, so we’re going to do an invite-only VIP version on September 11 for 100+ top CEOs and 100+ top CROs (and VP of Sales).

The goal:

  • The best CEOs never get a chance to know enough top CROs.
  • The top CROs really only get a chance to meet new CEOs when they are job hunting

It’s rare 200 of the best CEOs and CROs get together just to have fun and chat SaaS!

If you’re at a high-growth SaaS startup as a founder or CRO/VP Sales, feel free to apply here.

“Last year we hosted the inaugural SaaStr Casino Royale at Annual, and it was such a hit that we’re bringing it back this year – with an added twist from the house.

This time, we’re also hosting a CRO + CEO exclusive poker night on Wednesday, Sept 11, 2024!

Join the party with 100 of the best CROs and 100 of the top CEOs in the ‘biz right at SaaStr Annual.

This will be exclusively for CROs and CEOs only to give you a chance to connect with one another over a friendly game or two of poker, blackjack, or roulette.

CEOs: If you’re looking for a great CRO to connect with to head up your revenue team, hedge your bets here.

CROs: Test your luck by connecting with some of the top CEO’s in SaaS. You never know where and when your bets could pay off.”

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