So our Top 10 videos of the week added a bunch of “new names” due to our SaaStr University: Spring Semester event.

Let’s talk a look at the 10 videos you were most watching this week:

#1. “What it takes to raise capital in 2021 with Christoph Janz of Point 9 Capital”.  The fresh 2021 update of the classic SaaStr Funding Napkin.

#2. “The Current State of SaaS Companies, Subscriptions and Retention with ProfitWell”.  A great update from a version of this data just after Covid hit.

#3. “The Twists and Turns Along the Way to Building a Unicorn with Salesloft”.  A deep dive with Jason and Kyle Porter, CEO of Salesloft, on the journey to helping create a category — and evolve it.

#4. “How to Build out a Sales Organization from 0 reps to ~100 in 18 months with Flock Safety”.  A deep dive on how to scale an ultra-high velocity sales org.

#5. “How to Build and Sell a Product that Customers Love with Olivier Pomel, CEO Datadog”.  A great classic SaaStr session looking back at what it took to get Datadog to its inflection point.

#6. “How to Do ABM Campaigns (For Real) in 2021 with Snowflake”.  A great session on how Snowflake really does ABM.  We ran out of time for this one!  So many great questions.

#7. “How to Exceed $100M ARR: Lessons to Scale with Sustainability with ActiveCampaign”.  ActiveCampaign is the quiet giant in email marketing.  Come learn how they got to $100M+ here.

#8. “How to Build a Customer Support Team from Scratch with Peak Support”.  A great look at how to get your first support team going.

#9. “How to Build a High Retention Sales Culture with Unity Technologies”.  Unity was one of the hottest IPOs of the last 12 months, and was relatively late to add a traditional SaaS-style sales team.  Learn how they build a high-retention culture.

#10. “How to Use AI to Create Highly Engaging Enablement Programs with Zoom”.  How Zoom uses AI to turbocharge the quality of its sales enablement.

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