Catching up on some YouTube over the weekend?

Let’s take a look at the top SaaStr videos other SaaS founders and execs are watching:

#1.  “How to Collaborate, Manage & Work with Developers with CEO of Twilio, Jeff Lawson.”  Jeff has been doing a lot of speaking to promote his new book, Ask Your Developer, but we did a special take on it, a deep dive on how really to work with an engineering team for the first time.  Take a watch!

#2  “Churn is dead. Long live Net Dollar Retention Rate with Dave Kellogg”.  A top presentation from SaaStr Scale on how to drive up NRR.

#3.  “Fighting Churn with Data with Zuora’s Chief Data Scientist.”  Another deep dive on tackling churn.

#4. “Fireside Chat: Jyoti Bansal, & Dev Ittycheria, MongoDB.”  What do two Unicorn+ CEOs talk about when they get together?  Find out here!

#5. “Lessons in Scaling a Low Code Platform with Airtable”.  Learn how Airtable … got to be Airtable, from CEO Howie Liu.

#6. “Going Long: The 20-year Journey of Being a CEO + Founder with BlackLine”.  Another incredible session with Therese Tucker, on how to build a $7B+ industry winner, the hard way in many ways.

#7. “10 Rules for Defining Churn with ForgeRock and Solarwinds | SaaStr Software Community”.  Another deep dive on churn, this one with 10 great actionable steps to drive it down.

#8. “Dharmesh Shah of HubSpot – From Day 0 to IPO: What Went to Plan, What Most Certainly Didn’t.” A SaaStr classic on some of Hubspot’s top mistakes (and wisest choices) getting to IPO.

#9. “Avoid Trapdoor Decisions: 5 Lessons Learned from Scaling Stripe with COO Claire Hughes Johnson”.  Another SaaStr Classic and a must watch on not making the wrong key decisions.

#10. “How Sales and Product Really Should Work Together with MongoDB”.  This is a critical topic and come learn how the heads of sales and product really worth together at Mongo.





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