What did the thousands of SaaStr fans on YouTube watch most this week?  Let’s see what you missed — and need to catch up on!!

#1. “Building a Second Unicorn: A Deep Dive with Harness and AppDynamics Founder Jyoti Bansal”.  Jyoti came back to SaaStr Build to share what he’s doing differently building his second unicorn.

#2. “Lessons in Scaling a Low Code Platform with Airtable’s CEO Howie Liu”.  How did Airtable remake a category?  Learn from CEO Howie Liu here!


#3. “The 5 things that kill startups after their seed rounds with Michael Seibel, CEO of Y Combinator”.  A SaaStr classic from the last SaaStr Annual.

#4. “A Step by Step Guide to Build a Marketing Strategy to Take You to the First $100M with Snowflake”.  An A+ session from SaaStr Build 2021.

#5.  “How to Build a Unicorn in 8 Simple Charts with SafeGraph”.  Just a great session on how to scale faster and easier with SafeGraph CEO Auren Hoffman.

#6. “Lessons from Gorgias: How to Close your First 1000 Customers Based Solely on Data”.  Gorgias crossed 6,000 customers this week.  A look back at how they got the first 1,000 for their ecommerce contact center here:

#7. “Why Zoom Founder Went Solo & How Being an Engineer Helps You be a Better CEO”.  A great shorter-bite with Zoom CEO Eric Yuan.

#8. “The 5 Metrics You Should Track to Maximize Your Company’s Valuation with Tomasz Tunguz”.  A great session from the recent SaaStr Build with Tomasz.

#9. “Recruiting Your Sales Team with Brex Chief Sales Officer Sam Blond”.  Brex was just valued at $7B just 4 years after founding.  Learn how CRO Sam Blond built their first sales team here:

#10. “Top 10 Learnings Architecting a High Throughput Critical API with RevenueCat’s CTO”.  RevenueCat is serving more API calls than Stripe, with just 50 employees.  Learn here how they do it.


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