We’re less than 60 days away from SaaStr Annual 2022!

Sep 13-15 in the SF Bay Area!!

  • Open-air
  • Fully vaxxed
  • Outdoor festival-style
  • 10,000 SaaS founders, VCs and execs!
  • 4,000+ meetings and braindates!
  • 500+ VCs!
  • 250+ speakers

We’ve opened session registration and here are the Top 5 Sessions (So Far!) Check out your favorites and get 20% off your tickets below!

10 Lessons Learned Scaling to $1B Valuation with Drift’s Co-founders

Reaching unicorn status is nice validation, but the luster fades when founders can’t navigate the hidden challenges that come with uncharted territory. David Cancel and Elias Torres, co-founders of Drift, share their insight on steering a company to a $1B valuation with both the tenacity to problem-solve and a fearlessness to fail. They’ll take you through their own personal experiences, from creating a scalable product strategy to building an enduring company that puts people and purpose before profit. Find out how the steps they took not only helped nurture a company’s success, but also allowed its leaders to retain a growth mindset long after they hit the $1B milestone.

VC State of the Market with SaaStr’s CEO and Cowboy Ventures

Jason Lemkin, Founder & CEO @ SaaStr and Aileen Lee, Founder & Managing Partner @ Cowboy Ventures sit down to discuss the current state of venture capital.

Scaling Revenue in 2022: What’s the Same and What’s Different? with Confluent’s President of Field Operations

Amidst the volatility of today’s economic climate and market, GTM leaders need to be especially savvy when it comes to their company growth strategies and earning their customers’ love. A renowned enterprise software leader that has led revenue organizations and spearheaded the cloud GTM strategies at companies such as Oracle, New Relic and now Confluent, Erica Schultz is Confluent’s President of Field Operations and will share what she has seen evolve in enterprise GTM and tips on how to thrive in the current environment. From PLG and consumption-based pricing, to value-based selling and driving efficient growth, Erica will share veteran insights that will help you develop your own successful GTM strategy.


Your Real Valuation: The Value You Provide vs. the Value You Extract with Gusto’s Co-Founder

The foremost topic on every founder’s mind right now: how to weather the ups-and-downs of an unpredictable economy. Gusto, has swerved with every economic curve since its founding 10 years ago. But throughout it all, Gusto has defined valuation differently—in terms of the value it provides to customers vs the value it extracts. In this talk, Gusto CEO and founder Josh Reeves can speak to how Gusto has weathered the ups-and-downs of the economy—and why aligned success models (what’s good for the customer = what’s good for society = what’s good for your business) are so important, especially now. Josh can share the specific business decisions Gusto has had to make with this approach, particularly over the past few years and today.

Optimizing GTM for PLG with Stage 2 Capital

SaaStr attendee favorite Mark Roberge, Co-Founder and Managing Director @ Stage 2 Capital will discuss making the most of Go-To-Market when you’re working with a PLG motion.

Get 20% off your tickets and register for your sessions today! Ticket prices go up at the end of the month!

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