We’re getting excited for the third annual SaaStr Scale on December 15.  It’s all digital, and all free.

The top sessions so far (click on them to register) are:

#1 “How to Increase Revenue and Grow Your Customer Base by 10X Through the Power of Self-Serve and Direct Sales with Asana’s COO and Figma’s CCO”

#2  “Product-led Growth: How to Execute Across the Full Funnel with Reprise’s VP of Marketing and VP of Sales”

#3 “The Keys to Turning Sales and Marketing Strategy into Successful Execution with Highspot’s VP of Revenue Strategy & Account Development”

#4 “Acquiring 10,000 SMB Customers Solely from Data with Gorgias’ CEO”

#5 “How to Build a Growth-oriented Team With Guru’s VP of Marketing”


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