Top 5 Sessions for FREE SaaStr Scale 2021 on December 15: CXOs of Figma, Asana, Reprise, GitLab and More!!

We’re getting excited for the third annual SaaStr Scale on December 15.  It’s all digital, and all free.

The top sessions so far (click on them to register) are:

#1 “How to Increase Revenue and Grow Your Customer Base by 10X Through the Power of Self-Serve and Direct Sales with Asana’s COO and Figma’s CCO”

#2  “Product-led Growth: How to Execute Across the Full Funnel with Reprise’s VP of Marketing and VP of Sales”

#3 “The Keys to Turning Sales and Marketing Strategy into Successful Execution with Highspot’s VP of Revenue Strategy & Account Development”

#4 “Acquiring 10,000 SMB Customers Solely from Data with Gorgias’ CEO”

#5 “How to Build a Growth-oriented Team With Guru’s VP of Marketing”


Published on November 16, 2021

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