SaaStr’s Poya Osgouei has a great Uncharted podcast that does a deeper dive with many SaaS execs.

Up this week is Thejo Kote, CEO of Airbase.  His first startup, Automatic, was acquired by Sirius XM for $100m.

The second-timers see things differently.  More on what Thejo’s doing different the second time here

We loved having Thejo Kote on the pod this past week.

Thejo is a second time founder and the current CEO of Airbase having sold his first company, Automatic to Sirius XM for over $100m.

Thejo and our team discuss:

– What he’s doing differently the 2nd time around as a founder,
– How he’s learned to separate his self identify from the identity of his startup/work,
– Why he believes technology startups need to be 100% transparent in order to build trust with their team members,
– And how he got their first initial set of customers and tips for building a predictable go to market,

Take a listen here:

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