We’re back!!  The first major B2B tech event since … well … since Feb 2020 is here!

The 7th SaaStr Annual!!  Sep 27-29 in SF Bay Area!!

What can we expect?  A lot of what has made SaaStr Annual great since 2015.  A bunch that is new.  As things have changed.

  1. All outside + open air. Festival style.  The event will be an outdoor event at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds instead of inside a convention center.  We’ll take advantage of the incredible SF Peninsula weather in September to leverage the 40+ acres of the fairgrounds for our first-ever festival-style Annual.  The main stages will all be outside in giant tents with LED screens, and the limited number of indoor activities (all non-core, e.g. coworking space, etc) will be in spaces that are open-air with plenty of ventilation.   The massive sponsor expo will be outside as well.
  2. 100% vaccinated.  All attendees will be required to be vaccinated.  This may be somewhat unique for events by the time we get to September, but it will keep everyone comfortable and confident in the environment.
  3. 40 acres of fun.  With 5+ stages spread across 40 acres, think Coachella for SaaS.  It will be awesome.
  4. Three days, three themes, 150+ speakers and 2,500+ mentorship and 1-on-1 sessions.  We’re mixing up how we do it.  The first day, Monday, will be the Masterminds of SaaS.  We’ll start during lunch and have a full afternoon from the top practioners in SaaS teaching you how to do it.  Then we’ll break for a big party.  Day 2, Tuesday, will be the Legends of SaaS, with the CEOs of Datadog, Pagerduty, Calendly, TripActions, the President of Shopify, and so much more!  And Day 3 Wednesday will be the most packed day of all — Money and Mentors.  500+ mentorship sessions and 350+ top SaaS VCs will all be there for 1-on-1, 1-on-10 and other formats.
  5. Tons of fun: Matcha and Mixers.  Dog Adoption.  Picnic with a Friend.  Bands and parties.  Art cars.  You will have fun.  Even if you come solo.
  6. 5,000 attendee cap (for now).  Pursuant to San Mateo County, we’re right now limited to 5,000 total attendees.  Given the massive size of the space (40 acres), we’ll increase this as the County permits.  We expect to ultimately be able to accommodate more than 5,000, but for now we will cap tickets at 5,000.  But get your tickets ASAP s to ensure you get one (and at the lowest prices).

A few FAQs and Qs for folks both new and old to SaaStr Annual itself:

Q: Who should come?

Bring your whole team if you can.  We have extra discounts for Team Packs for just this reason.  Every team lead in sales, marketing, customer success, product and eng will benefit.

Q:  We already have tickets from 2020 Annual.  Will they be rolled over?

Yes.  Check your inbox for an email you’ve likely gotten, and more communication to follow.  Everyone that had a ticket to 2020 Annual or Europa is fully rolled over to 2021 Annual

Q:  Will there be a digital component?

Yes.  We will stream and share a significant portion of the sessions, as well as do some sessions on the morning of Day 1 (Sep 27) exclusively on-line before the gates open for the IRL event.

Q:  Can I come if I’m not vaccinated?  Are there exceptions?

No.  None, no exceptions at all.  None.

Q:  Can I come if I am sick or have a fever?

No.  It’s time to just not attend events at all if you are sick.  Anyone with a fever over 100.4 will have to sit this one out.

Q:  Can I submit to be a speaker?

You can here, although note we are almost all full already.  The final slots will be prioritzed for less represented speakers from leading Cloud companies.  As a reminder, SaaStr is committed to events with a majority of women speakers and at least 60% women and underrepresented speakers.

Q:  Is it too late to sponsor?

No.  We already have 100+ committed sponsors, and booths especially are first come, first location picked.  But we have space for at least 25 more sponsors.  Contact us here ASAP.

Q: Do a lot of VCs and investors come to Annual?

100s and 100s.  It is the #1 place to meet Cloud and SaaS VCs.  From every top fund.

Q:  Is Annual a lot to take in if I come solo?

It’s a great event to come to solo!

We have a special track, program and activations for folks that come solo.  We will make sure you meet great folks, no matter how introverted you may think you are.  We take pride in it being a great event for solo visitors.  In fact, in some ways, it’s why we started doing Annual and events.

Q:  Where in the SF Bay Area is the venue?

The San Mateo County Event Center is a super-sunny venue on 40 acres half way between Palo Alto and downtown San Francisco, and a short Lyft/Uber ride from either. Just 15 miles south of downtown San Francisco.

Feel free to stay near the SFO Airport, in or near Palo Alto, or anywhere in SF (ideally in SOMA or somewhere in the more southern part of SF)

Q:  Are you providing no-cost passes as part of the Equality, Inclusion and Balance Program again?

Yes!  We are once again reserving 1,000 total passes as part of our EIB program.  Please apply ASAP here!!  We want you there!!

Please note VCs, CEOs at > $1m ARR, and a few other groups of folks with budget are not eligible.  Please save the passes for the next generation!


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