What We Are Hiring for at Team SaaStr!

So SaaStr Inc. is on a growth spurt and our tiny team needs some help.  We’ve learn a lot over the years and really we only want to hire folks that know and believe in SaaStr.  And ideally, have a mix of B2C and B2B experience.  (Because SaaStr Inc. is a really sort of a media/community company, but our consumers and customers are all B2B/SaaS).

All roles are based in SF / Potrero Hill.  It is possible to work remote, but you have to be extra experienced and awesome.

There are job recs on the website, at least some of them, but here’s what we are looking for.  If your interest is high, just email me / us!

  • Director+ of Events.  We need a senior events professional that has worked at scale (if not necessarily quite at our scale) and is detail-oriented.   You’ll manage our outside events agencies, make sure we stay on budget, and be a hero when you increase our profit sharing AND attendee and sponsor NPS!
  • Manager+ or Director of Customer Success.  We’re looking for 1-2 folks with at least several years in customer success experience, or more.  Ideally, some experience in a higher churn or media environment (but that’s not necessary).  This is a job that requires visiting customers and mapping out stakeholders.
  • Director+ of Growth Marketing.  This job can expand on many vectors, but job #1 is taking over ticket sales and attendance for our global events, and growing it in a founder-centric way to $10m.
  • Director of Equality, Inclusion and Diversity.  This is a somewhat unique role — a marketing role but aroud inclusion and attendance.  Your KPI is making sure our events hit our inclusion goals.  This requires a substantial set of marketing expertise to attract 2,000+ additional underrepresented attendees to our global events.  The ideal profile is someone that is both passionate about inclusion, that is also a Marketo expert that loves to do segmented campaigns and outreach.
  • Social Media Guru.  We’re looking for someone that really knows how to take our 800,000+ total social media followers to the next level.  You need to know not just Insta, but Quora, LinkedIn, Twitter, newsletters, and more.  Your job:  make it all better.  You tell us how.
  • Manager / Head of Publishing.  We’re looking for someone to own our paid learning platform, SaaStrPro.com, our eBooks and other publishing, and our newsletter and related platforms.  If you really know how to level this up, let us know.
  • Head of SaaStr EMEA.  This role doesn’t have to be in SF :).  It can be in London (ideally) or Paris.  Your job is to own SaaStrEuropa.com, our sponsors there, and experience, and grow that business over time.  You have to love both events as well as making sponsors happy!!

Fun parts:

  • Be an owner. Everyone on our small but mighty team is an owner!
  • Fun trips!  Go to Paris, Coachella, Art Basel, the Warriors, and more!
  • Profit-sharing.  For real.
  • Work at scale.  SaaStr is a massive community with massive impact.  You can have that impact.
  • Be on a mission.  We’re on a mission to be the world’s best, most inclusive community for Cloud founders and execs.  And get to $100m.  And be owners.  And have a ton of fun doing it.

Published on October 22, 2019

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