We’ve slotted about 50% of the speakers for the huge 2019 SaaStr Annual, and we’ll post the very first draft agenda soon!

A quick look at just a handful of the amazing new speakers:

Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic (founder of WordPress).  This will be an amazing session with Matt and Tony Conrad of True Ventures.  WordPress powers 30%+ of the internet, including SaaStr.com, and pioneered thinking on distributed teams, open source, ecosystems, and much more.

Roelant Prins, CCO of Adyen.  Adyen IPO’d earlier this year and rocketed to a $20b+ market cap and has disrupted payments.  How did it happen?  What can we learn?  Roelant will join with unicorn-hunter Ayden Senkut of Felicis Ventures.

Dug Song and Jennifer Lawrence of Duo Security.  Cisco acquired Duo for $2.3 billion earlier this year.  Founder CEO Dug Song ill share the learnings and challenges getting there with Jennifer Tejada, CEO of unicorn PagerDuty.  And SaaStr crowd favorite Jennifer Lawrence, VP of Inside Sales, will lead a session on how they scaled an amazing enterprise-focused revenue machine — without being HQ’d in the Bay Area.  Both will be awesome, trust me.

Henry Ward, CEO of Carta.  It seems like overnight, every start-up moved to using Carta for stock option management.  Of course, it wasn’t really overnight.  What happened?  What’s the big vision?  How do you recreate and reimagine a small-ish category into a large one?  Henry is gonna tell us!

Nicole Alvino, Founder and CSO of SocialChorus.  Nicole is going to teach us what working at Enron taught her about corporate ethics.  Not sure what will be in this session, but it sounds pretty compelling.  It seems everyone is cutting corners these days.  It’s time for us all to learn when to ask for forgiveness, which rules to bend.  And which ones not to.

Robert Homan, CEO Glassdoor.  Robert and Neeraj Agrawal will take the stage to talk about the Glassdoor story and its recent $1b+ acquisition.  We’ve all used Glassdoor, one way or another.  It’s challenged a lot of our conceptions on community, data, and more. This should be a compelling session.

Nancy Ham CEO WebPT.  I’m predicting this will be a Top 10 session.  Nancy and co-founder Heidi Jannenga will tell the story of how they founded and scaled (approaching $100m ARR) one of the fastest-growth SaaS healthcare companies.  I haven’t heard this story before and am excited to.

Claire Hughes Johnson, COO of Stripe and Jeanne DeWitt, Head of North American Sales.  We’ll get two great sessions here.  Claire, our #1 rated speaker from 2017, is back (along with Stripe’s growth to a $20b! valuation) with more incredible insights on building world-class teams.  And one of my favorite revenue leaders, Jeanne DeWitt, Head of North American Sales, will lead a separate session on going upmarket.  These will be awesome.

Heads of Marketing + Growth from Shopify Plus, Dropbox and Malwarebytes on Building a Marketing Dream Team.  I’m super excited for this panel from Hana Abaza, Head of Marketing for Shopify Plus, Kady Srinivasan Head of Digital Marketing for Dropbox, and Elena Verna SVP of Growth for Malwarebytes.  Especially for folks selling to SMBs, in whole or in part, this should be an amazing session.

We’re adding more every week, so check back soon!  This will be the best Annual ever!

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