With one day left to go until SaaStr Scale 2021 on December 15th, we’re looking at an incredible speaker line-up this year. Team SaaStr wants to make sure you know about all the great content that’s on tap so here are a few marketing-centric sessions to add to your list.

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SaaStr Scale is dedicated to bringing you the playbooks for scaling to $100M and beyond. We’ve got you covered with content on scaling, sales, product-led growth, and especially the focus of this post, Marketing.

Product-led Growth: How to Execute Across the Full Funnel (and Mistakes We Made) with Reprise’s VP of Marketing Jenn Steele and VP of Sales Grace Tyson

Go-to-market people – wouldn’t it be cool if your sales and marketing teams actually used your product for sales and marketing? It’s what your customers will be buying, after all. In this session, you’ll see how the product can play at every part of your go-to-market motion, what challenges you might have to overcome when implementing a product-led strategy, and how to get quick and easy wins that’ll make your GTM fall in love with the product.

How to Prove ROI on High Stakes Decisions with Tipalti’s CMO Rob Israch

As businesses scale, teams are constantly faced with decisions of various magnitudes. Leaders need to empower their teams to make daily decisions, while taking a consultative approach to others that will shape their future. Expanding internationally is one of the critical choices many businesses will be faced with as they grow. Join our session to learn about criteria to define high stakes decisions, why/when we chose to become a global company, and how to measure the success of your recommendations.

The Secrets to Building Your Marketing Engine To Drive Scale with Airtable’s CMO Archana Agrawal

The average marketing leader loses a day and a half of work every week to manual, operational tasks. More “solutions” can bring more problems, including siloed data, fragmented workflows, and a disjointed customer experience – holding back growth.

Airtable CMO Archana Agrawal will discuss how marketers can overcome these challenges and build marketing foundations for rapid customer acquisition and growth. She’ll reveal how operational rigor, laser-focus on the customer, and data-driven marketing enabled Airtable to scale to serve 250,000+ organizations including 80% of the Fortune 100.

How to Build a Growth-oriented Team with Guru’s VP of Marketing Brittany Bingham

One of the most frequent questions that is being asked today is ‘What is the makeup of a growth team, and how does it fit or operate in an organization?’ In this session, we’ll spend time discussing this, along with some of the most critical attributes about how growth-oriented teams operate based on experiences at SurveyMonkey, Guru, and more.

Take a look at our whole agenda by heading over to SaaStr Scale and registering for the sessions you’d like to see live on December 15th.

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